Have You Gotten Your Chia Seeds Yet?

Have you gotten your chia seeds yet?


Next week’s Weekly Food Challenge will be – CHIA SEEDS!!!


Chia seeds are available both white and black. A quick google search told me that they are pretty much the same thing, just different colors (let me know if your research proves otherwise – I didn’t look long). Anywho, you can find them in most health-food stores (found mine with the spices/dried herbs) or online.

Go get yours!! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Have You Gotten Your Chia Seeds Yet?”

  1. I got mine and I have actually been USING them…I got them at first for smoothies but now I am making other fun things….funny but my toddler gobbles it up… who woulda thought??

    a challenge sounds fun! so long as it doesn't involve a scale of any kind!!!


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