Oh Barney Butter…How Did I Miss Thee…

Kath told me a long time ago (if I remember correctly) that it’s after your first jar of Barney Butter that you really fall in love with it. For me, it’s been 2 jars.


Don’t get me wrong, the first 2 jars I uber-enjoyed, but after the second jar ran out, when I tried using regular peanut butter…it just. wasn’t. the. same. Barney Butter has a depth of flavor that others can’t seem to compete with.


Lucky for me, I cracked open a fresh jar of Barney Butter, which I picked up yesterday.


Barney Butter makes breakfast better.


I enjoyed my Barney Butter today on hot, toasty Great Harvest Honey Whole Wheat.


Breakfast toast + banana = well-rounded.


Breakfast + New Coffee Flavor = Awesomeness!


I got to try my new Fresh Market coffee flavor – Molten Chocolate. After scooping the coffee yesterday, my hand smelled like chocolate the rest of the afternoon – and they didn’t even touch any beans! So, this morning, I blended 1/2 Molten Chocolate with 1/2 Breakfast Blend to tone down the chocolate factor.

The result – delicious, rich, chocolate/coffee caffeine. Hubby hated it, but I LOVED it!

So happy to have a fresh jar of BB and some new coffee…ahh…it’s the little things in life sometimes, no?

Big Happy Birthday to Kelsey!!!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Oh Barney Butter…How Did I Miss Thee…”

  1. That coffee sounds delicious! I am surprised at such a strong chocolate flavor–I feel that usually chocolate flavored coffees are so subtle. I love Fresh Market coffees–during November they carry the best Pumpkin Spice coffee. YUM.

    I get really excited about little purchases too–especially a good nut butter. It usually adds a little skip to my step when walking in the door–knowing I have a brand spanking new jar of nut butter waiting for me. 🙂


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