Sunday Pot Roast (With Grass-Fed Beef)

Hubby and I picked up a lovely grass-fed, eye of round roast from the Farmers Market on Saturday. The roast was from a local farm, too! I love supporting my local community.

I knew the roast would make a perfect Sunday Pot Roast.


We also had a lot of farmer’s market veggies to toss into the roast.

I followed the recipe listed here with some extra spices and the addition of celery.


Campbell’s Soup creates the cooking liquid. We also added some leftover tomato juice from those Turkey Stuffed Peppers.


All ingredients in and ready to cook up. We let this 2.8-ish lbs roast go for about 5 hours on high while we ran errands and what not. Slow cookers definitely help your day be more productive since you save cooking time.

5 hours later (and I cooked a rice cooker full of brown rice to go with this at about 4 1/4 hours in)…


We had a big steamy crock pot full of delicious Sunday dinner.




Oh-so-good! This is a classic in our house!


Super yum!




Dessert was pretty amazing, too! I enjoyed another piece (or two) of my VeggieGirl-esque Dark Chocolate Dream blondies. So hard to resist eating them ALL in ONE sitting! I managed…barely.

Do you have a traditional Sunday dinner? Roasts aren’t one for us, but I know a lot of people do them.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Pot Roast (With Grass-Fed Beef)”

  1. My crockpot is a saveur again and again! I love it on special busy days! I plan to stick an organic whole chicken in mine tomorrow and use the leftovers the rest of the week!

    Beef pot roast is just a classic for me too, pure goodness and reminders of my childhood everytime I make it.

    What a wonderful market you have that sells local organic beef!!!!! 🙂

  2. Those potatoes look so fresh on your chopping board!
    We don't have a traditional Sunday dinner per se, but much of the time we'll have a big salad and a glass of wine 🙂

  3. My dh would go nuts for that dinner! (He's British 🙂 We try to do Sunday dinners and usually it's roast chicken, veg, Yorkshire pudding and gravy.

    When the weather cools a bit, I am definitely going to try your recipe – the slow cooker is right up my alley!

  4. am I the only one living in HEAT???

    you are killing me with all these BEAUTIFUL dishes…. we grill outside or we eat cereal…heating up the kitchen seems like a crime right now!

    (but it was still in the 90's after 8pm)
    I am logging these recipes for FALL!!!


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