Belated Birthday Dinner – Villa Antonio

We had so much going on around my birthday, we’re just getting around to our romantic celebration for just hubby and I to have a birthday dinner.


I got gussied up with some heavy-ish eye make-up. Guess it doesn’t really look that heavy in this photo, so maybe I didn’t put on as much as I thought?


First on the agenda, we hit up Kilwin’s so I could get some pecan pralines. Pralines were one of the things I really REALLY wanted to get when we were in Charleston last weekend, but we ran out of time. Some internet research proved an local solution was available.


It was super cold and super windy outside!


Hubby and I picked up a couple treats for later and headed over to hubby’s restaurant of choice (I like when he surprises me for dinner celebrations): Villa Antonio.


Inside was really nice. I felt like we were in an Italian courtyard.


We were greeted with water and a complimentary bruschetta, which was quite tasty and one of our fave apps.


I had a glass of Jacob’s Creek chardonnay, upon suggestion of our waiter.




Hubby and I split a caesar salad, which was made table-side.


IMG_3775.JPG IMG_3773.JPG

We love the bread (served hot!) and balsamic/olive oil dip here.



We enjoyed a sorbet/champagne palate-cleansing course.

Then the main event appeared under silver lids…


Hubby got the filet tournedos with peppercorns, smoked mozzarella, jumbo shrimp, mashed potatoes, and asparagus.


I got the chicken marsala, also served with mashed potatoes and asparagus. I know it seems weird that someone who doesn’t really care for mushrooms, like me, ordered a dish where mushrooms are nearly the star ingredient, but I truly do enjoy the flavor of mushrooms. I’m working on liking the texture. I actually ate quite a few of the mushrooms from tonight’s dinner and thought they were really good.

Both dishes were excellent! The flavors were awesome and we thoroughly enjoyed eating them.


Happy Eater


I liked the lamps inside. Random, I know!


When they brought out the dessert tray, I was torn between the creme brulee cheesecake and the tiramisu. They both sounded soooo good! They left the dessert tray with us so we could think about our decision. They’re lucky I didn’t eat the whole tray while they weren’t looking! Not really…I’ve worked in restaurants long enough to know that those dessert had been most likely been sitting out all day and that some weren’t even made with real dessert ingredients. For example, the “ice cream” was probably shortening.

One interesting thing we learned was that they recently hired a new pastry chef, so all the desserts were made in-house. Gotta love that!


I ended up going with the tiramisu – a personal fave. It was oh-so-good! Nice and creamy yet light at the same time. Hubby helped me finish it.

Overall, dinner was awesome! I was reminded at how much I love Villa Antonio for their high quality food and superb customer service. They really know how to take care of their guests there.

We also learned that the restaurant will be featuring a new menu with local and organic ingredients. Be still my heart! More restaurants should do this and they should make sure people know they do! Some times it’s hard to distinguish between those who use conventional and convenient ingredients and those who go out of their way to support their local farmers. I loved Villa Antonio before, but I love them 100 times more knowing they’re serving organic and local food.




Well, hope you’ve enjoyed my birthday dinner recap. I have a plate full of sweets calling my name! I’m off to enjoy some of those pralines!

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Oh my goodness–that meal looks absolutely PERFECT! Wow–I love that they tossed the caesar salad right in front of you- so authentic! 🙂

    How were the pralines? You must let us know!

  2. Hello again! We have internet back and I'm slooowly catching up again 🙂 Of the posts I've read so far – congratulations on your home and wow – that is a good sized kitchen! + Slightly off-topic, but I found a zumba class in my neighborhood!
    Have a great day,


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