Hubby’s Birthday Goodies

Oh boy…I’m getting behind on my posts! Guess that’s what happens when you buy a house in wedding season (we have 5 weddings to go to in the next several weeks) right before the holidays.


Hubby and I have been so busy, we haven’t really had the chance to celebrate my birthday together.


Before I left for AZ, hubby presented me with this vase of pretty pink roses with some cards. I was able to select 3 of the group.


Hubby got all Price is Right on me and let me trade some cards in for others.

I loved the turquoise cards against the pink flowers. Turquoise and pink are so pretty together! He picked the cards just for their color…so thoughtful!


Anywho, I ended up trading 3 of my cards in for 2 different ones. In the end, I got a mini shopping spree with hubby and a new , simple lens for my camera. The lens I meant to get ages ago, but skipped over to get my macro. I already ordered it on amazon and should have it soon…yay!

I have a couple semi-freelance photography opportunities lined up, so I’m hoping to put my new lens and skills to good use!

Maybe I can ask for photography classes for Christmas? Or that wide-angle lens I’ve been drooling over? Hmm…

Thanks for my b-day goodies, hubby! 🙂

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  1. What a fantastic birthday surprise! Good luck with the photography gigs, update us on how it goes! I'd also love to hear a review on all of your photography equipment, which models and what their pros and cons are!


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