Let the Renovations Begin!


Here’s the kitchen in our new house. It has nice space, but I think the area is being underutilized…not to mention the floor has to go! We’re doing a semi-massive make over in here.


Here’s the other side of the kitchen. Ugh…wood paneling! That has to go, too!

We’re going to have to do our kitchen in a couple (or a few) phases because of money.

After interviewing a couple contractors, we picked our man.

Our contractor started Monday.


Phase 1 has a few moving parts, including the removal of a wall…



…and moving of a door way.

We have about 2 full weeks of Phase 1 renovations and what not, so things should be interesting. Wish us luck! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Let the Renovations Begin!”

  1. You're welcome, Kath!! I will definitely have more photos soon!

    Oh no, Sarah! I will keep my fingers crossed for you that they are ready soon!

    Thanks Marie! It's gotten more dusty over the last couple days, but it does seem relatively neat. Glad to hear he sounds like a good one!

    Thanks Jen! I haven't really figured out how to yet, but I'm sure it will come together…I hope! haha

    🙂 Diana


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