Mild My A-double-dollar-signs


I finally got the chance to play with the peppers I picked up from the Farmers Market this past weekend. Isn’t the mix of colors pretty?!


In the mix: 2 green bell peppers, 1 red bell pepper, 1 Volcano pepper, 1 Tobago Seasoning Pepper + an Aji Dulce 2 pepper. The 2 tiny ones are supposed to be “mild”.


I cut them open and took out the seeds. They say those are the hottest part of the pepper (or is that just for certain types…not sure…I took them out anyways…not taking any chances).

I chopped the Aji Dulce 2 pepper up pretty small – to almost a mince. I decided it would be a good idea to test out the heat level of the pepper so I picked up a tiny piece and gave it a little lick. My tongue started burning immediately! Now, I’m not a big spice fan, but I’m learning to love hotter foods. That pepper was “mild” my a-double-dollar-signs! haha That or maybe I’m just more lightweight in the heat arena than I like to think. True pepper experts would probably agree this pepper is “mild.” Either way, I decided to not add the second “mild” pepper.



I decided to cook up the veggies and peppers with shrimp a la my Shrimp Gumb-ole using Trader Joe’s frozen shrimp.


The end result was pretty tasty. After all that worry about the peppers being too hot, once they were cooked up, I really didn’t taste much heat at all. Guess I could have thrown that other pepper in there after all! Now I know for next time!

Do you like hot peppers? What’s your favorite type?

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  1. I LOVE spice! I always double the spices in most recipes I make! I'm not really knowledgable in the different kinds of peppers though. I just put cayenne or habanero sauce on everything!


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