Organic Zumba Fuel

Got an early start to the day today, which was nice. I love it when I can actually make it to work a little early (early for me at least).

I enjoyed some more fresh-ground coffee. I’m starting to think the fresh-ground coffee beans are where it’s at. Does any one have any tips for keeping your grinder clean, though? I don’t think I’m supposed to put mine under running water, so I’ve been wiping it out with a paper towel, which just seems wasteful. I can at least wash the top with a soapy sponge, but not sure what to do with the main part??


I’ve been itching to dig into one of those Raw Organic Food Bar treats I won for free via Twitter. The chocolate coconut flavor sounded DIVINE!


I definitely love how this bar is organic.


This bar is also:

  • gluten free
  • cold processed
  • has no refined sugar
  • no dairy
  • no soy
  • no peanuts
  • and is non GMO


I thought this bar was delish! I loved the nice chewy texture and the little bits of chocolate are heaven!

At 230 calories and 27 g carbohydrates, this bar made a great afternoon snack / pre-workout nosh.

I did a low-impact zumba tonight, which was really fun and still a great workout! I tried to take it easy so as to not irritate my leg, but it’s so hard when you just want to DANCE!


I came home to do some stretching and Bailey curled up in my lap when I was trying to do a butterfly stretch…what a cuddle-butt!


I decided to try to pair my farmers market veggie with some pasta that I’m trying to get out of our pantry before our move.

I made a kohlrabi-white-wine-chicken-pasta dinner. Recipe to come!


I leave you with a fun dance routine. I am LOVING this video!

Can these girls move or WHAT?!

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. brushes work well, or grinding some rock salt through it.. I've also run baking soda through mine after grinding flavoured coffee so the next batch doesn't pick up the oils.


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