Flaunt It Week Continues

What a day it’s been today!


Things seemed to start out ok – yummy breakfast: coffee, oatmeal, Morningstar “sausage”

Oatmeal pre-cooking ingredients:

  • 1/4 cup oatmeal
  • 1/2 cup skim milk
  • pinch flaxseed

Microwaved 1 minute, stir, 1 minute


  • 1 sliced organic banana (stirred in)
  • sliced almonds, on top
  • sprinkling of unsweetened organic coconut flakes


Check out Bailey’s ears floating around in the background like shark fins! lol


I was thoroughly enjoying my breakfast when I realized that I was running late!


I threw the rest of my oatmeal in a plastic cup and downed it on the way to work (carefully, of course!)


I had 6 hours of meetings today. Only 1 of them was an in-person meeting and luckily, we managed to turn our meeting into a working lunch (since we didn’t need computers) so we could both eat. Good thing we did that or I may not have eaten at ALL!


I had a 1/2 chicken salad sammie on pumpernickel with lettuce and tomato.


I also picked up this Oatmeal Chocolate bar thing as an impulse buy when they told me I had to charge a minimum of $5 (and my half sandwich was well under). Guess that’s what I get for not keeping cash on me!

I ate about 1/2 of this over lunch and another 1/4 as an afternoon snack. The last piece I gave to hubby.


Kashi crackers for an afternoon snack.

After work, I looked at cabinets with hubby…yes…AGAIN. One day we’ll actually order some.

After cabinet shopping, we got Mexican for dinner!


Tortilla Chips and 2 salsas. Hubby and I have decided to not get refills on our chips because every time we do, we overeat. We declined a refill tonight and I think it was a wise decision (even though I kind of wanted more). I knew we’d have plenty of food coming later.


The cheese dip made that decision hard, but we stuck with it.


Hubby and I split a chicken chimichanga, chicken enchilada, and beef burrito.


My portion – it was just the right size!


I stayed up too late blogging last night and I am feeling pretty exhausted right now. I burned a candle tonight to help relax.


Bailey looks like how I feel. Sleep…that’s what I need right now!

Flaunt It Week Continues

But first…let’s take a look at our ladies who are helping spread the positive word with Flaunt It Week!

Flaunt It Week participants today:

Thank you ladies for participating and inspiring others!

Remember, Flaunt It Week (click for details) is not about arrogance – rather it’s everything to do with allowing yourself to feel confident. So, instead of finding something to nitpick about yourself, find something to love and flaunt it!

6 thoughts on “Flaunt It Week Continues”

  1. Your photos are especially standing out to me lately! Such great tones and colours. I haven't had much time to myself lately, but your blog is one of the (very!) few that keeps me coming back right now.
    I must admit that when I first got your twittered DM I was stumped as to what to flaunt. So I'm mixing it up each day, by not hiding and just expressing me a little more, as I am now. I've so far flaunted my language skills (with someone else equally flaunting!) and today I'm flaunting my style, using what I've got and not coveting any new top, coat or scarf.
    Thank you for sharing this idea!

  2. Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog!!!

    I just looked through your blog quickly and I really enjoyed reading!! So neat and fun to find new blogs! Your pictures are beautiful!!!!

    Take care and have a great day, Diana!


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