More Window Shopping, Less Buying

So, I kind of want to cry right now because I’m EXTREMELY sleepy and just want to go to bed and just poured an HOUR into a fabulous blog post, only to have this stupid publishing tool delete the WHOLE THING! Waah…ok, I’ll try to re-create…ugh!

This may be an abbreviated version of what was an awesome post.

Woke up at 1am to nausea and had to yak. Not sure why, but hoping it was just something not sitting right on my tummy. Woke up again at 9a to dog walking all over me trying to wake me up without being loud. Silly guy.


Made fried eggs for me and hubs for bfast.


I had mine candlelit with some GReat Harvest Honey Whole Wheat toast with Earthfare organic pomegranate jelly and coffee.


Post breakfast, I worked on my other bathroom to give it a mini makeover.

I washed out the cabinets and applied more of that pretty decorate paper.


Bailey inspected my work and gave me the A-ok. Not sure what to do about that stain in the back of the cabinet, though. I couldn’t scrub it away!

With my cabinets ready to use, I decided to organize my beauty products.


I got all my beauty products out and was SHOCKED at how much I have. Granted some were free samples from when I wrote reviews for a popular online review web site, but still!

I’d really like to work on simplifying my life overall and I see a lot of room for improvement here.


I sorted out products that were expired or almost empty and tossed them.


I grouped what was left, organized them into caddies and placed them in my newly made over cabinets.


AFter the bathroom/beauty product prjoect, I broke for lunch: toasted turkey sammie and edamame with water and OJ.

I met our new neighbors during lunch:


Mr. and Mrs. Squirrel! Aren’t they cute?


Not as cute as this guy, though!

Since I had today off, I wanted to spend the ENTIRE day cleaning and organizing but hubby had other plans, so after lunch, hubby and I headed out for some more shopping for the house.


On the way to the stores, we stopped by a local bakery to pick up a snack – I had 6 donut holes and a bite of hubby’s cinnamon swirl roll. They were delish, but didn’t sit quite well on my stomach.

We hit up the Habitat ReStore, but didn’t find anything. 🙁 While we shopped around, I started feeling dizzy and icky, so decided hot tea sounded good. Luckily there was a coffee shop next door.

IMG_9233.JPG IMG_9234.JPG

Check out their mug chandelier.


I got some lovely Moroccan Mint with honey. yum!

Next up, we hit up Bed Bath and Beyond.


We liked these curtains but weren’t ready to buy them.


I thought this candle had a great message: “Everyday holds the possibility of a miracle.”

Hubby and I found some stuff we liked but decided to get them when we were ready to make a big trip of it (we have a 20% off our entire purchase coupon – not easy to find).

Since it was almost 9 pm by the time we were done shopping, we had to do another dinner out. Man, all this shopping is taking all my organizing and cooking time away! Grr…

It seems we’re doing more window shopping and less buying, but I’m starting to get tired of all the window shopping! lol

Ok, guys, ecto is really not playing nice with me tonight, so I’m going to complete this post with a separate post momentarily. Hopefully, my posts don’t get deleted this time!

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