Pizza Dinner + Flaunt-It Week

Pizza Dinner

Hubby was itching for pizza and I was thinking it sounded pretty good for dinner, too. After shopping, we swung by a friend’s place to catch the first half of a football game and then stopped by our fave local pizza joint during halftime to grab dinner.


We took our dinner home to enjoy, starting with a salad with a feta vinaigrette dressing.


I started with a slice of pepperoni….


…and then moved on to cheese. Two slices and I was DONZO!


I noticed a new gelato flavor on the restaurant’s sign on the way in and managed to snag a sample – pistachio gelato = yum-O! I downed half on the way home and saved the second half for dessert tonight. It was pretty awesome!

Flaunt-It Week

When I was in college, a friend of mine got an interesting quote in the bottlecap of her drink. It read: “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” She gave me the bottlecap as a gift and amazingly, I still have it somewhere. I like to keep it as a reminder. Not a reminder to be arrogant but a reminder to be confident. For me, I don’t always feel like I’ve “got it.” I’m not the type of person to walk around thinking I have fabulous hair or great arms. I tend to lean the other way wondering if my hair looks bad or frizzy or whatever. I’m more like the person who doesn’t want to lift weights at the gym because what if people think I’m doing it wrong or I look silly. More and more I remind myself to pull away from this thinking and to be positive!

More and more, I think…you know what…in 30 years, no one is going to remember that girl at the gym who lifted weights. In 20 years, no one will remember that girl’s hairstyle. In 10 years, no one will remember the tiny details and silly things you worry about doing or not doing or the way you look.

More and more, I remind myself that this is my life and I only get to live it once. The only person I need to worry about is myself. It was this positive thinking that got me through my first couple zumba classes and now I’m a certified instructor! Seriously, I almost didn’t try zumba for fear of what people would think of me not knowing what I was doing in class and not doing the moves right, but I forced myself to get over my fears and go and had a blast. The more I went, the more I learned to let loose and not worry so much what people thought of me. Life takes you on amazing journeys when you let it.

So, my challenge to you for the next week is to find something you love about yourself that you want to flaunt. Find something you’ve always wanted to do but have held back for fear of what others would think. This isn’t about being arrogant, it’s about being confident in yourself and your abilities and loving yourself for who you are. Think about something you thought about doing but decided not to because you didn’t want to embarrass yourself in front of others. Next time you worry about what other people will think, ask yourself, “Will any one really remember in 10 years that I was that new girl in zumba class who didn’t know what she was doing?” The answer is probably no, so why worry about it so much? Just go for it! Or, find something you love about yourself or would like to love about yourself and find a way to really play it up and flaunt it this week, whether it’s spending some extra time styling your gorgeous hair or wearing a top that accentuates a favorite feature of your body.

Who’s with me? If you’ve got it, then this week, flaunt it! 🙂 If you’re up for it, leave me a comment telling me what you did for Flaunt-It Week…I’d love to hear your story!

9 thoughts on “Pizza Dinner + Flaunt-It Week”

  1. Err.. every week with me now is like flaunt-it week HAHAHAH 🙂

    I think my life is awesome. 🙂 But it took me years to get to where I am now, mentally.

    I've been working on beating up myself less on mistakes I made at work, or in life

    Just saying the wrong things, or putting my foot in my mouth (happens A LOT).

    But when those memories surface, I squash them.

  2. flaunt it week!! yes!!! ok so i'm going to start with my class tonight – i have been getting so nervous before teaching class, and feeling a lot like you described you felt before deciding to pursue becoming a zumba instructor….but tonight, i'm going to make it a point not to beat myself up for mistakes, and to FLAUNT it in front of my class!! LOVE YOU!!! see you tonight 🙂


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