Jewelry Show Fail

My good friend Courtney was kind enough to think of me for an event where she thought I could sell some jewelry.


The event was inside the super chic salon where she works.


I set up inside the “nail room.”



I had my booth setup and lookin pretty good, but alas…I made no sales. Talk about Jewelry Show FAIL! And at no fault of Courtney’s or the salons…guess the recession is just really hitting people.


I drowned my sorrow in chocolate and wine. I had all these M&Ms and a small glass of red wine. I never made it to the white…it was given to me accidentally.


After the show, we went out to a tapas restaurant/bar called blue where Courtney wanted to have some drinks and so some birthday dancing. See, my visit to Courtney was twofold: 1. jewelry show 2. celebrate Courtney’s b-day.


It was late by the time we got to the restaurant but I still wanted dinner, so once we found a table in the bar area, I got a caprese salad and crabcakes. The lighting inside was non-existent, so after seeing my first photo was pretty awful, I decided to not try to shoot the crabcakes. It was all very good, though, and I was happy to work some extra veggies into the day’s eats.


I crashed at Courtney’s place and met her son William when we got home later that night. He was awake with grandma. I forgot to ask if it was ok to post photos of him, so here he is without a good facial shot (I should have asked because that boy is a cutie pie!).

Poor William was not a happy camper that night and screamed all night long. One may think the screaming child would deter me from wanting children but he was so darn cute, I’d say meeting him tilted me in the other direction.



In the AM, I had some coffee in a hilarious mug.


Breakfast: plain bagel toasted – 1/2 with strawberry cream cheese and 1/2 with plain organic cream cheese.


The weather around lunchtime was gorgeous!


I decided to revisit a new fave at lunch from Jason’s Deli.

IMG_5202.JPG IMG_5198.JPG


Steamed veggies, French onion soup, Turkey Reuben – oh so good…all of it! Esp that tangy flavor on the sammie.


Hubby had a treat waiting for me at home. He knew I’d had a rough jewelry show, so he got me a little treat – donuts from a local bakery. I had mine with some 2% organic milk from Earthfare.


Oh yea! A sweet ending to a rough show. Hey, at least I got some QT with my good friend Courtney and got to meet her son. I’ll call that a WIN! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Jewelry Show Fail”

  1. Glad you had a fun visit with Courtney! I love caprese salads- mmmmm. We have a Jason's deli near us and I have never been. I love that they serve steamed veggies. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday

  2. UGH! I'm so sorry that your jewelry table was a bust. I totally know how that feels (unfortunately). I recently set-up my jewelry at a table at my friend's book party. Not one sale! I guess they were more interested in books? Anyway, your jewelry is beautiful and I'm glad you were able to make the most of your night. Have a happy Thanksgiving!


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