Macaroni Tradition Suspended

We have a tradition with one of our best couple-friends, Justin + Emily, to get dinner now and again at Macaroni Grill. Due to unforeseen happy news, our friends are moving up north! Boohoo! 🙁

While we’re sad they’re leaving, we’re happy for the new opportunity they now have ahead of them.


With our friends leaving in the next few days, we made sure to schedule another Macaroni Grill trip before they hit the road.

IMG_4981.JPG IMG_4984.JPG


We started with pinot grigio (at least I did) and shrimp + artichoke dip.


I had a couple bites. It’s probably so unhealthy but so delicious!


Bread. We had LOTS of this.


Justin is a bread-eating machine!


Hubby and I split a Garden Salad.


We also split the Pasta Milano. I know MG has healthier options, but sometimes something decadent is in order. At least for me, it is.

We were too full for dessert (shocking! I know!) but we were happily stuffed.


Best of luck Emily + Justin! Come back soon!

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