WFH – TJ’s Chocolate Croissants

I got to work from home today, so I took the opportunity to try something new for breakfast.


I’ve been eyeing these chocolate croissants at Trader Joe’s since the first time I saw them. I am a bit of a pastry snob (I think anyone who’s had an authentic French pastry IN FRANCE would be), but I wanted to try them anyways.


I set 2 croissants out overnight, per the directions.


By the morning they were HUGE!


I knew I wanted to brush my croissants with egg wash so they’d get nice and browned up, but I hate how much egg gets wasted when you’re only baking a couple things at a time.


So, I decided to make scrambled eggs to go with my croissants. Instead of whisking 1 egg to do the wash, I whisked 4 eggs for me and hubby to share and then poured a tiny amount into a separate dish to brush my croissants.


When I was ready to start on the scrambled eggs, I added some seasoning – salt, pepper and turmeric for extra nutrition. You can read more about turmeric here from one of my past food challenges.


I also got to use some more of the cheese hubby and I opened for our chili and chipotle chicken soup earlier this week. I hate wasting food, so it was nice to use more of the leftover cheese up.

I used to love my eggs scrambled best but I’m really feeling fried eggs lately. The bonus of fried eggs? I don’t feel the need to top them with cheese when they’re fried.








Going, going….GONE!

I have to admit, though the croissant was pretty tasty, I don’t find it as satisfying as a good whole grain breakfast like oatmeal or WW toast.



Bailey slept the day away while I worked.


I had some nice Celestial Seasonings Lemon Green Tea in the afternoon with some local honey.



Oven-broiled turkey sammie for lunch: hickory smoked turkey, muenster, and aruuuuugula.

How good is arugula? I LOVE it!


More sleeping for Bailey.


Hubby picked up another treat for me today when he was out running errands – a donut from our fave local bakery. I think he’s trying to fatten me up!



Hubby played with Bailey out in the backyard. Those boys are having so much fun back there! I am never home to play with them and today was too busy with work to join them. Maybe next time?

By the end of the work day, I was ready to pull my hair out. I’m soooo ready for a vacay! How bout you?

I’m hoping to work up an appetite for tomorrow with a great workout tonight. What are your pre-Thanksgiving plans?

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