Naked Kitchen

Eat in Month Eats – Friday


The sky was beautiful this morning! I love it when it looks all cotton-candy-like!

See our squirrel-y neighbor on our roof?


I cooked up a pot of stove top oats – another round of Cranberry Apple Oats.

Pre-cooking ingredients:

  • 2/3 cup milk
  • 1/3 cup extra thick oats
  • pinch flaxseeds
  • chopped apple
  • frozen sweetened cranberries

Cooked stovetop till thick, about 5 mins


  • sliced almonds
  • hemp seeds

Hemp seeds are the new flax/chia!

Since the cranberries were already sweetened, I decided to not add any extra sweetener. I think I could have used a light drizzle like yesterday’s bowl, but it was really just fine without it.







Lunch was a repeat of yesterday


TJ’s tofu burger with baby spinach and purple cabbage in a TJ’s whole wheat pita.


I scarfed this down whilst working from home and enjoying a phone conference. Thank goodness for mute buttons!

Naked Kitchen


Our contractor came by today to do prep work for a major milestone in our kitchen renovation…

Cabinet Painting!

We’re having our cabinets painted white! Just like Giada’s Everyday Italian Kitchen! Our granite countertops are ordered and so is our tile for the floor. I can’t wait to see the final result, but things are pretty messy till then…


Hubby moved our kitchen stuff to other spots in the house.



They started by taking off our cabinet doors.


Hello hinge!


Re-painted hinges.


Naked kitchen


Unfortunately, the lack of sink and countertops could prove to be a major issue with Eat in Month. Hubby and I are trying to devise ways to work around this, but…it may just not be do-able.

Should we have to eat out due to inability to eat at home, we will be tacking on extra days in February to make up any days we have to skip out on, but I’m really hoping we don’t have to miss any!

Hubby and I are headed out of town since there will be so much work going on in the house and we can’t really be here while they’re painting (they’re using one of those spray machines!).

I’ll be sure to take lots of photos of the “after” – it’s going to look so different! I can’t wait to see the painted cabinets!

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  1. thanks for stopping by my blog!

    i am very impressed with your eat in month challenge. what a good idea! i am really good about cooking during the weeks but eat out too much on the weekends. yikes!

    i love your placemats!


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