Six in Four

I feel like I’ve worked a six day work week in four! Wow, have things been crazy this week or what.

Today was no exception.



I had another yummy breakfast parfait with Vanilla Chobani and Bear Naked Fit berry granola. 1/2 Christmas Blend + 1/2 Peppermint Creme coffee to wake up.

IMG_1685 IMG_1686 IMG_1688

I tried my new Organic India Tulsi tea today – Chai Masala. It was yummers. I made friends with a nice Indian lady in the break room today. We chatted briefly about tea and she told me about how she made her own Masala tea at home. She said she’d give me some of her homemade tea. I hope she does…I’d love to try it!

I had a morning conference call that ran over and made me late for my lunch date!


I had a ladies’ lunch with my friend Megan. As you guys know, I rarely get lunch breaks, but was lucky enough to not only get one today but I got to spend it with a great friend! I need more ladies’ lunches!


Megan is also doing the Eat in Month Challenge, so we just brought our own lunches from home to eat together. Megan had a most-awesome lunch packed with a fresh salad, some orange slices, and yogurt.

I had an AB&J (Barney Butter almond butter & Earthfare Organic Pomegranate jelly) with some New Years salad from Earthfare – collards and black eyed peas. It was very good!

I got home around 12:20pm with just enough time to make a quick trip to the granite store before a 1pm conference call. Yikes!


After lunch and before some conference calls, hubby and I had to make an impromptu trip to look at tile grout. The grayish-tan slab of granite will be going above our “peninsula.” At the granite store, they put up a white door with the granite and our potential tiles so we could see what the colors would look like together.

We went with the darker tan color pictured.


The grout colors looked interesting. They reminded me of a box of pastels like my Dad bought my sis and I to draw with when we were younger (still have some somewhere!).

We went with a dark-tan color. Not brown, just darker than off-white.


Back at the house, our contractor laid a couple of our tiles out so we could see what they looked like and if we wanted them laid normal or off-set. We went off-set.

They are tiling our kitchen this weekend – I can’t wait to see the final results!

We’re getting our granite on Monday! Hubby and I still have to pick out hardware for our doors…wow, it’s all coming together!

I started feeling snacky again in the afternoon while I was dialed into conference calls from home.


I had some more granola with skim milk.


I was savoring a spoonful of Barney Butter when I happened to glance over and see…


Bailey staring me down. I could practically hear him wooing me…”Cmon mom… you know you want to give me some of that!”


My snacks got progressively more random – a slice of Great Harvest honey whole wheat bread. Just plain. What can I saw? I love my carbs!


A mini piece of dark chocolate.

After 3 hours of conference calls but before my 5pm, I had to

  • pack
  • gather photography gear to work on homework
  • make and package two jewelry orders
  • prepare them for shipment.
  • run payment for said jewelry orders



After a successful presentation to my co-workers and a quick wrap up of my jewelry orders, I packed dinner and some snacks and we hit the road.

Sammie – honey whole wheat with turkey, co-jack, baby romaine, and Earthfare dijon mustard. I forgot how tasty dijon mustard is! Yum! Totally made my sammie taste different.

Oh and I would have preferred to eat something other than more bread for dinner. Though I do love my carbs dearly, I also love variety. But not having a kitchen makes variety difficult, so I’ll take what I can get.

A quick couple hour long car ride later and I’m at my MIL’s house blogging away.

I have to update the bake sale page and then try to hit the sack. I am completely exhausted! Phew what a week!

Lots to do this weekend:

  • Create bidding page for the bake sale
  • Maintain list of bakers
  • Email bakers with details of the sale
  • Figure out bake sale payment method (currently leaning towards paypal and creating a special account just for this sale)
  • Photography homework (shutter speed!)
  • HUGE top secret blog project. You guys know I love my secret projects!
  • Zumba practice for when I dance with the Bobcats at halftime with 200+ fellow zumbaers!
  • And if I happen to have any spare time (yea right) I have a slew of article ideas I need to write up!

Have a great weekend everyone!

A New Challenge

With the Eat in Month challenge winding down, I’ve already got a new challenge in the works. I think I’m gonna call it Miss Fitness February and it’s going to be fitness/exercise related! Anyone interested? Details to come… 😉

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  1. I'm definitely interested in a challenge, especially fitness related. I'm a personal trainer by trade, so if you want help with ideas, let me know!

    Also- let me know if I can help at all with the bake sale stuff in anyway. You have a lot on the go, and if I can take something off your hands, I would love to!


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