Easy Valentine’s Day Breakfast in Bed

Hubby always plans something sweet to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I like to do a little something, too.


Usually, he has dinner or some kind of evening event planned, so I try to go for breakfast, lunch, or early afternoon plans.


This year, like last, I went for breakfast in bed.


How to make a regular breakfast special:

  • Add something for the theme – I used a red mug with heart imprints for Valentine’s Day.
  • Add something extra – I added some red carnations to make the tray look extra colorful and a chocolate dipped strawberry (leftover from dinner last night) added a touch of romance and some extra red color.
  • Cook a fave – we have plans for an early lunch, so I kept the eats small, but hubby loooves his egg and toast breakfasts – he turns them into sandwiches
  • Put it on a tray – we rarely eat breakfast in bed, so by putting breakfast on a pretty tray, it makes the simple breakfast seem a little extra special.
  • Try to surprise them – I lucked out that hubby slept in a little after I woke up so I could surprise him with breakfast in bed – wouldn’t have been as special if he watched me cook the whole thing! lol

NOTE: I put this together in about 15 minutes because I was worried hubby would wake up. If you have more time, you could bake muffins or cook up something a lil extra fancy. The only thing I would have added for today would have been a Valentine’s Day card. <3




His breakfast: fried cage free egg, toast, chocolate dipped strawberry and 1/2 Larry’s Beans 1/2 Fresh Market Chocolate Cherry Kiss (just for V-day) coffee.



Even Bailey chipped in by getting the paper for hubby. Bailey loooves to get the paper for us. It’s so cute!


My breakfast: fried cage free egg and another of Julie’s Chai tea scones


…plus some coffee – 1/2 Larry’s beans and 1/2 Fresh Market Chocolate Cherry Kiss. Ooh la la!

Whether you’re celebrating or just passing the day like any other, what are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

8 thoughts on “Easy Valentine’s Day Breakfast in Bed”

  1. How sweet and the breakfast looked amazing!! Im sure the hubby loved it so much!! Your dog getting the paper to him is sooooooooooo cute!!! Smart doggie!!!

    THe place you went for dinner looks amazing!!! THe way they had it decorated was so nice and all the fod looked amazing, especially the tiramisu!!!! U take amazing pics!! U and your hubby are beautiful loves!!!


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