Shallow Depth of Field – Flowers + Bailey

The Pioneer Woman has been featuring photos exhibiting shallow depth-of-field on her blog this week. One of my goals this year is to submit myself and work to more contests, so I decided to try to send something in. Most of my photos feature shallow depth of field, but I decided to try to create something new.

I took a lunch break today to take some photos in the house:






I narrowed my options down to three:




This last one is the one I submitted. After reviewing some of the other photos in the group and looking at the ones that have been posted, I’m not thinking I have a great chance of making it to her blog. Buuuut, I do LOVE these photos! I had a great time taking them and learned how to play with my camera, so it’s a win for me! 🙂

Camera stats:

  • I used my Sigma macro lens
  • f 2.8 for most shots (I went down to f7.1 when I wanted a little more of the background to be visible)
  • ISO 400
  • Shot in manual – adjusted shutter speed to regulate light meter

Which photo is your favorite?

5 thoughts on “Shallow Depth of Field – Flowers + Bailey”

  1. OOh my goodness! I love these. Seriously, you can tell that your photography is really improving since your started the classes! Not that it wasn’t great before, but it’s just absolutely amazing now!

    The second picture & all 3 of Bailey are my favorites. I *love* the green bone, but I also really like the one of his cute little paws! But then, the one of his face is just too sweet! I’m not sure I can pick just one!

    Also, I love The Pioneer Women – she cracks me up, and I love all of her photography “tutorials” and contests that she posts. You’re really giving me the fever to sign up for a photog class soon!


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