Five Sweet Things to Do for Your Valentine

I know a lot of people think that Valentine’s Day is a made-up and useless holiday, but I love it! I don’t care where it came from – it’s an excuse to decorate the house in red and pink and indulge in sweet treats and romance. 🙂

I love to try to do thoughtful and unique things to celebrate holidays and figured it may be a good idea to share some ideas with you, my dear readers.

So, I bring you…

Five Sweet Things to Do for Your Valentine/Sweetheart <3


  1. Breakfast in Bed: Make your sweetie breakfast in bed – I loved the Martha Stewart idea of doing a fried egg in toast in the shape of a heart. Click to learn more about how to make a romantic breakfast in bed. Include his favorite breakfast foods.
  2. Handmade Valentine: Craft a handmade Valentine for your significant other – go crazy with red, pink, and heart-shaped patterned scrapbook papers, doilies, and glitter – have fun. Send your valentine to your SO at work – it will be a welcome surprise.
  3. Sweet Treats: Bake your sugar some heart-shaped cookies or other Valentine’s themed treats – Make heart-shaped sugar cookies and decorate them in red/pink icing with sprinkles. Or, bake cupcakes with pink icing or take them a step further with these Martha-inspired heart-topped chocolate cupcakes.
  4. Notes of Affection: Tuck away several short, one-sentence notes of affection in your honey’s wallet, briefcase, pocket, car or anywhere else he’ll stumble upon them throughout the day.
  5. Love Letter: Write your Valentine a love letter. Hand-write it. List out 5 things you adore and/or value about them. They’ll feel loved and appreciated.


~ *** Happy Early Valentine’s! *** ~

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