Featured Reader Friday: Lys (Cooking In Stilettos)

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Name: Lys

If you have a blog, what’s the name/URL?: Cooking In Stilettos / www.cookinginstilettos.org

Where You’re From: I am a Philly gal through and through.

Why do you read The Chic Life?: I adore The Chic Life – the great photos, candid discussion and great recipes – everything has such a positive tone and it’s refreshing. Plus, the gal that runs it is quite the fashionista.

Favorite Exercise or Exercise Routine: I’d have to say lately it’s been taking my adorable Sous Chef aka Wiggy for a walk. I have so many different hats that free time is really limited and no day is the same. Therefore, making sure I’m at a class on time is seriously difficult. Thank god for WiiFit!

Favorite Thing to Eat for either Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner: pick one or do all: The ultimate comfort food for me is Arroz Con Pollo. No matter how bad my day is, I can pretty much make it from memory. I first had it about 15 years ago and my friend Milly made a killer version of it for a picnic in New York. I was obsessed with learning how to make it myself and now I can without even a recipe. Not bad for an Irish gal.


Second to that is Chef Stuart O’Keefe’s Guinness Braised Short Ribs that will be featured on Cooking In Stilettos shortly *edited by Diana to add that the post is up! click to view*

Hobbies or Hidden Talents: Does shopping qualify as a hobby and finding the best cash back options for shopping online qualify as a talent? I also enjoy traveling, perusing cookbooks (and I have quite a bit now *sigh*) and making a really good Egyptian martini.

Favorite Plate/Bowl: Actually, I don’t have a favorite plate or bowl, my absolute FAVORITE is a pitcher.


I lusted after a Simon Pearce Woodbury pitcher for forever – and, after much stalking on eBay and various cash back sites, I got it for a decent price and it’s my pride and joy. Second to that is my Vietri Aqua coffee mug.

Favorite Quote: I actually have a few but the one that really hits me references cooking, however I think it can also apply to one’s life: “Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.” Harriet van Horne.

Best Advice You Ever Received: “Don’t put it out there” coupled with “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff.” Long story short – my friend Rissa called me one day and talked to me about this book, “The Secret.” Normally I’d just start to zone at the mention of books like this, however, when Rissa speaks, I listen. That gal is wise. So, I got a copy of it and it started to make sense – if you “put out” negative, you get negative – i.e. focusing on bills, lack of finances, etc. However, when you have a positive mind frame, you will start to see positive, i.e. less traffic, good parking spaces. I’ve learned to be grateful for what I have and to not sweat the small stuff.

What Makes Your Life Chic?: This might sound strange but a positive attitude makes my life chic. I tend to look for the best in life and give that as well – what’s the phrase “Reap what you sow?” So, a positive attitude coupled with my killer Louboutins and I’m ready to seize the day 😉


photos courtesy Cooking i Stilettos

Thank you so much Lys for being our latest and greatest The Chic Life featured reader! That is a gorgeous pitcher! 🙂

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