First Garden Shopping

I was really excited to wake up today because hubby and I had a fun adventure planned – shopping for goodies for our garden!


First, I wanted to check up on my email and look who jumped up into my lap – Bailey!


I had a mini cup of coffee because hubby and I decided to go out for breakfast to one of our fave spots


The Flying Biscuit!


Hubby and I strategized on the garden using the Square Foot Gardening book. We’re planning to do a couple square foot garden boxes, starting with one this weekend.


Hubby and I split the Southern Scramble.


With a delish biscuit.


Plus a single oatmeal pancake on the side. I adore the peach topping they serve this with – it’s sweet, but not too sweet.


Hubby and I ate out on the patio and it was sooo beautiful outside! Here’s my portion.


I packed up half a pancake and the leftover topping, but then forgot it on the table! 🙁


I took a photo with Rusty the rooster on the way out. Supposedly if you give them a picture of you with Rusty you get a free breakfast. Score! I’ll be printing this one out soon.


We hit up a couple nurseries to shop for garden supplies and scout out stuff to plant around the house. I can’t wait to get some flowers and stuff going in addition to our veggie garden.


I spotted a chameleon (at least I think that’s what it is) at one of the nurseries.

I had so much fun browsing all the veggies, seeds, and flowers – everything was so interesting! There’s so much to learn, just about veggies and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with all the info, but I think hubby and I are just going to have to dive in headfirst.


Since we had a late brunch, I decided to just do a snack in the afternoon. AB+J sounded good, but so did toast, so I had AB+J toast with organic pomegranate jelly on one piece of spelt toast and Barney Butter on the other.



Hubby and I hit up a local bakery for…doughnuts!

After some more garden supply shopping, we headed home. Hubby was researching patio furniture when he stumbled upon a listing. We ended up checking it out tonight and found a few other things to get. Score! Details on that tomorrow. I’ll be posting photos.


Hubby and I hit up Kabuto’s for dinner after our house shopping.



Salad with ginger dressing.


As our chef prepped our “onion volcano” he asked, “Do you know what this is?” A guy at our table said “a volcano” and the chef laughed and replied, “No, it’s an onion!” 😆


We had a great chef.


Shrimp appetizer.








Hibatchi shrimp.

So wrong, but so right. I only managed to eat about half of everything…except for the veggies. I ate almost all of those. 🙂

Are you planting a garden this summer? What are you growing? If you’re not a gardener, what are your favorite summer veggies?

10 thoughts on “First Garden Shopping”

  1. We are doing a total overhaul of our backyard – so I’m definitely going to have to be seeing what you’re doing for ideas and inspiration 🙂

    I’ve been looking through two garden “bibles” but there’s just so much out there!

    Breakfast looked delish!!!!

  2. That chef looks like he would make the dinner so fun!
    Could you have taken a better picture of that doughnut, oh man does it look good!!!
    Favorite summer veggie: berries? Whoops, that would be a fruit. Why do I love fruit so much more than veggies?

  3. Our house in Vegas will have my first backyard since I lived at my parents’ house. I’m hoping to start a small box garden, I just have to figure out what in the world I can grow in the desert! All hope’s not lost though as I did a precursory search and found that there are many websites to help :o)

  4. A day of delicious eats! Random I know but I wanted to say I love the colour of blue/grey on your walls 🙂 Do you have a post where you share house pics? I love seeing into other people’s homes- maybe I’m nosy 🙂

  5. We had a garden last year, and I’ve started ours for this year. So far, it’s lettuce and snap peas. We’re planning on growing tomatoes, cucumbers, squash (three types!), beans, peppers and herbs such as basil, oregano and something else that escapes me at the moment. I LOVE my garden!

  6. I live in an apartment so no outdoor garden butttt I MIGHT do a window garden if I get enough time to set it up and get really ambitious.

    I loveeeee summer tomatoes. My fave is fresh from the garden tomatoes slices thinw ith salt and pepper on top, put over toasted bagel of your choice with a slice of cheese on top, roasted till the cheese gets bubbly! just says summer to me!

  7. Hi Diana! I really appreciate how beautiful this blog is – and what a relaxing day of eats and garden shopping! Also, Bailey is adorable!

  8. Hey. Thanks so much for your email about the flowers. I went to Target and they didnt have them. Ayway I will be in the lookout for them. I see your walls are painted the color I want. I want to make sure its as light as possible because my living room is tiny..Do you remember this color or the brand of this tiffany blue? By the way I was reading Kaths blog and she went to that Brixx place and then I saw that you also went.. I was so confused at first and then noticed you had both gone. Did you guys meet because of the special blog interest or were you friends before? OK have a good day!


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