Perfect Ice Cream Spoon

I have to make this quick because I have a business trip I have to leave for early in the morning and I need to get to bed! (and maybe finish packing…yes, it’s almost midnight) 😆


I’m a little worried I may be getting sick again, so I took an EmergenC first thing this morning.



Not loving these Morningstar bacon strips. I MUCH prefer the sausages. Though, these strips were pretty good in that egg scramble I made awhile back (click).


Banana Rice Milk Oatmeal with pepitas, chia seeds and flaxseed.


An “everything” juice for nutrition.




I had an amazing break time available at lunch so hubby and I grabbed lunch at a local restaurant. I was craving red meat so I got the prime rib with mixed vegetables.


Echinacea tea!


Yogi tea quote – “Don’t let yourself down, anyone else down, or participate in a letdown.”



Snack – Great Harvest honey WW roll and fresh berries.

Then I had another fabulous 1 hour of zumba, plus I practiced some choreography for like another hour and a half. GREAT workout!! Phew!


I didn’t get home till just before 10pm, so I made a quick dinner of a micro-steamed sweet potato, steamed broccoli, and a veggie burger


Plus I saved room for dessert..


A mini ice cream…actually “froyo”.

I know people have been using these spoons for oatmeal and yogurt, but I like bigger bites for oatmeal. I do however love small bites for ICE CREAM! I loved this spoon for eating my ice cream tonight. It was perfect!

I also suspect if anyone has any trouble overeating ice cream that if you used such a tiny spoon, it may make it harder to eat it so fast because your bites would have to be so much smaller? Anyone want to test that theory? I actually am pretty good about only eating a little ice cream at a time. It’s all I really want. At some point, I get sick of eating it, so small portions are great for me. My co-workers now make fun of me for not being able to finish my Dairy Queen blizzard.

…now a box of doughnuts or cupcakes…hmmm? 😉

Check out this beautiful bird bowl I added to my OpenSky shop today (click)! I NEED this for my sunroom! Btw, I added some other stuff, but it’s not showing in my main OpenSky shop for some reason. Only the direct links work. I put some of them in my Facebook page if you’re interested.

Do you like to eat a lot or a little ice cream at one time?

13 thoughts on “Perfect Ice Cream Spoon”

  1. I’m all about little spoons for ice cream! I have very tiny spoons….I will show you next time you come over. 🙂


  2. I love the little spoons – my husband laughs at me when I break them out.

    Love the quote on your tea bag.

    Have a great trip – take another emergen-c right before you get on the plane!

  3. I could definitely eat a lot of ice cream but I try to eat a little at a time. Sometimes I add fruit (like strawberries!) so I can feel full faster. Plus, I don’t eat ice cream very often so I really try to savour it and take my time so I don’t end up eating too much! 🙂

  4. less than the 1/2 cup serving is a little unsatisfying to me 🙂 i guess i’d rather have it less often, but enjoy a full serving when i do!

    i could probably benefit from trying the smaller spoon . . . ice cream/froyo is the only thing i tend to eat FASTER than my husband!

  5. I love to eat a little ice cream so I can afford to eat it often! also I cant really handle full fat ice cream so if I do it its usually frozen yogurt. (lactose intolerance)

    I love eating out of little bowls with a little spoon though

  6. hope you’re not getting sick! Chris is just getting over a cold and he is supposed to be riding a century this weekend, but I’m trying to convince him otherwise. Oh my gosh! That spoon is adorable, where did you get it? I’ve been trying to find mini spoons. I wish I couldn’t eat that much fro yo, but it is my weakness! I have to portion it out in a small bowl or else! You had some really colorful eats, yummy.


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