The Truth About Food

Happy Saturday! I’m sooo glad the weekend is here!


My appetite is coming back bit by bit. This morning, I decided to continue my avoidance of dairy (afraid it will upset my sicky-stomach) in favor of rice-milk-stove-top oats with bananas, chia seeds, flaxseed meal and mate yerba to drink.




RICE MILK OATS…where have you been all my life?! You are deeeelicious! 🙂




The Truth About Food

Has any one else been watching the show The Truth About Food ? It’s A-mazing! I’ve been trying to DVR this for forever but my darn DVR box is full! (Hmmm ….TV show marathon tonight? eh eh?). Anywho, I’ve caught this show a couple times on Fit TV and it’s too cool! They show all these experiments, discoveries, theories, and studies about food. Dr. Oz is a featured speaker.

I wanted to share some of the stories I saw last night, so I took some notes for you. Each show, they cover a different topic. Last night’s was about being skinny. They featured different areas related to the main topic with experiments and case studies.


I caught this part of the show late, but they had given two different ladies (one overweight and one underweight) some special liquid to drink that tracked their consumption and movement. They found that one lady was 10 kilos overweight and the other was 10 kilos underweight. Was a difference in metabolism to blame? No. It turns out – they have the same metabolism. They also had the same amount of movement – not much exercise. So what was the cause of their difference in weight? One was consuming about 50% more food than the other. One was eating too much and one was eating too little.


They did an experiment on the show to see which food type would make you feel fullest – carbs, protein, or fats.

They had 3 self-proclaimed snackers fast for 12 hours. The snackers thought they were going to the Ritz Carlton for dinner, but instead they were subjected to a test.

Each was given a different meal for each food type:

  • Carbs – pasta with tomatoes
  • Protein – pasta with chicken
  • Fats – pasta with a rich, cream sauce

2 hours after they ate, they did a check in to see how their hunger level was.

4 hours later, they gave each of the subjects a pizza to snack on. The one who consumed the protein meal ate the least amount of pizza.

The show went on to explain that it’s important for your satiety to include a lean protein in each meal: chicken, fish, and low-fat dairy were suggested options.

Additionally, the show pointed out that people who ate protein ate less the next meal!

I always try to include some protein in each meal just so that I don’t get hungry too fast, but I still thought this study was great to back up my habit.


They did another study on 150 movie goers. 1/2 of the movie goers were given a medium 4 oz tub of popcorn. The other half were given a large 8 1/2 oz tub. 1/2 of each group was given stale/2-week-old popcorn.

The group with the large tubs ate 45% MORE! Even the ones who had stale popcorn.

Conclusion = people overeat foods in large containers. Try using smaller plates, bowls, etc.

They also pointed out that eating a large lunch doesn’t mean you’ll eat lighter the next meal.

Visual Cues

Two groups of evenly distributed people in height, weight, sex, etc. were given chicken wings.

Half the group had their bowls for their finished bones left in front of them. The other half had the bones removed immediately.

The group who had their bowls removed ate 10% more meat!

Conclusion = visual clues are very important. Try keeping a food diary to note what you’re consuming.

Calcium = Less Fat?

A Denmark study determined that dairy can help you absorb less fat. Their theory – Calcium binds to fat, reaches intestine, forms a soap-like substance, which is hard to absorb.

They did a study on a participant who for two weeks consumed a high calcium diet, then for 2 weeks consumed a low calcium diet.

The result – during the high calcium diet, the participant excreted 100% more fat!

Random Point

Dr. Oz said if you want to look thin, then diet. If you want to be healthy, then exercise.

* * *

If you haven’t seen this show, I highly recommend it! It’s awesome!! 🙂 There are some videos available online here (click). Check em out!

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  1. That show sounds very interesting! Thanks so much for posting this I’ll definetely be checking it out! Dr.Oz always has good healthy tips. I especially loves the recipes on his show and the fact that he posts them all up on his website!

  2. That show sounds so amazing! & the fact that smart-o Dr.Oz is the main speaker makes me want to watch it even more. The other show that’s been filling me up with happiness is Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution! It’s so awesome seeing all these shows on TV, it’s definitely changing & saving people’s lives!

    Love your blog, loooove the look of rice milk oats!


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