Peaches N Cream Oats

Remember those oatmeal pancakes and peach topping from earlier this week? I transformed it again (well, just the peaches)! How’s that for stretching a $3 side?! 😆




This morning I used those peaches as an oatmeal topping for some yummy Peaches N Cream Oatmeal!! So tasty! I made the oats with 1/2 milk, 1/2 water cooked stove top. Other toppings: almonds and flaxseed meal. Delish!


I think that Vega pre-workout drink I had yesterday let me train extra hard – I was soooo thirsty and achy this morning…in a I-had-a-kick-a$$-workout-yesterday way. 😉

To re-coop I:

  • had a mini Vega health optimizer shake in the morning
  • planned to hydrate well all day, including using coconut water for those natural electrolytes



First up – that Vega shake. I just mixed it up as soon as I got to work, with water. I felt a little better just after that mini shake. It’s good stuff!



Lunch was totally simple but one of the best I’ve had in awhile. Remember those Flatouts we used for taco night on Sunday? Well, we got them with plans of using them later in the week for other meals, and I used one today in lunch: turkey wrap. FIllings: hickory-smoked turkey, baby spinach, avocado, salt. So fresh and so clean-clean!!

It’s days like this I love clean eating!! 😀





I also had one of the mini multi-grain Food Should Taste Good chip samples (*) with some fresh salsa on the side. For some reason, these chips remind me a bit of Fritos, but much healthier and tastier. They have a nice crunch and an even amount of salt. I liked the use of different grains, too! They tasted great with the salsa.


To drink – that fabulous coconut water. This stuff rocks!


Hubby brought me a lil treat to work today – a vanilla cupcake with chocolate icing from a local cupcake shop. It was so tasty…soooo so good!

And the cupcake even had turquoise sprinkles!! My fave color!


Post-work I had a date of sorts…a top secret meeting!! The occasion called for a chai tea latte.


Details later but me and Erica had a fabulous time. 😉


It’s all in this little black book.




I was hoping to talk hubby into burgers and sweet potato fries but alas…it didn’t work. So, not knowing what else to get…I decided on Jason’s Deli. I got my usual – half turkey reuben, French onion soup, steamed veggies.


I had a couple Trader Joe’s Powerberries for dessert. Yum yum!

I totally watched Glee whilst doing Fit Blog chat tonight…and eating dinner. I love a fun-filled day!

Breakup Recovery Week

I almost forgot the tips for today!

  • @lizzruns – toss the trinkets.That shirt he wore that smells of him – toss it. purge all photos/movie tix etc. keep the jewelery 🙂
  • @OakleyOC – Breakup tip (from a dude): understand what YOU want, focus on that; then hang w/trusted friends to do something crazy
  • Melanie – Apart from “the usual”… (ice cream, pizza, ranting, crying, etc.): Going for a long walk in the sunshine 🙂
  • Sarah – Cry, cry, cry, cry….then wake up one day and realize that u WILL get thru this and you’ll b better and stronger than u ever were b4. Now the hard part, stop looking at his pictures and esp his fb page…stop talkin to him on the phone and txtng him…it makes it almost impossible to get over him if u dont.
  • Linde – Get a dog…really, I mean it!

Thank you everyone for your break up recovery tips. Keep em coming! I need more for the next 3 days! I have all the comments from yesterday to add tomorrow and later this week. Gotta spread them out!

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Oooh! Looking forward to hearing what’s in your black book!

    Your food is always so tidy! Lovely presentation. My salad always looks… well tossed, time I open it for lunch 🙂


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