Choco-Date Oats for My Fam

Sis emailed me the other day asking if I thought Mom would like a non-dairy milk since she’s lactose intolerant. I said…sure!

We picked up some vanilla almond milk at TJ’s, but she hasn’t gotten into it much yet. I decided to whip up some oats using the almond milk to see if she’d like it more that way.

IMG_6260 (600x400)

Unfortunately, they only had 1 Minute Oats, which I figured would have to do. I’m more of an old-fashioned oats kinda girl. 😉

IMG_6262 (600x400)  IMG_6266 (600x400) IMG_6267 (600x400)IMG_6268 (600x400)

I made 4 bowls for the fam to test out.

Cooked in: oats, 1/2 vanilla almond milk, 1/2 water, dash salt, cocoa powder, chopped dates

On Top: fresh-ground flaxseeds, more dates, almonds

IMG_6273 (600x400)

The verdict – everyone loved it! Win for the oatmeal!


Later sis got started on another baking experiment – pretzels!

IMG_6277 (600x400) IMG_6279 (600x400) IMG_6280 (600x400) IMG_6281 (600x400)


IMG_6286 (600x400)

IMG_6285 (600x400) IMG_6290 (600x400)


They were lovely and tender with nice, crunchy salt on top. A reminder I should bake more.

Does your family have a baking specialty? What is it?

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