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The tempeh experiment was a success!

My family has been talking about trying out more vegetarian and even vegan options for their health, but they tried to put tempeh in miso soup in place of tofu, which they didn’t really care for. Um…not my recommended way of eating tempeh, so I thought I’d cook a sample meal so they don’t think tempeh is gross.

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We had my Sweet Potato Tempeh stir fry with soft dinner rolls and it was well received. 🙂 Hopefully, this means they’ll try cooking it again, but next time not in miso soup.

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Dinner wasn’t complete till we dug into a dessert my mom and sis put together – peach cobbler! They used the fresh, Red Haven peaches we picked the day before.

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I had a pretty sizeable portion and enjoyed every last bite.

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Even Bailey got a treat – a little peach sign snack we picked up from a local dog boutique store.IMG_6235 (400x600)

He, of course, loved it!

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Mom prepped bread as the night was coming to a close – her famous WW and fruit and nut bread. Can’t wait to dig into this!

Have you tried helping your family eat healthier by cooking for them? What did you make?