Baci Blogger Lunch

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After wrapping up the swag bags, it was time for lunch!

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We headed to Caffe Baci for a quick lunch.

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We had Tina, Sabrina and Julie.

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Meghann, Heather, and Kath.

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I split a yummy tomato and artichoke calzone and 3 type salad (caprese, tortellini, pasta salad) with the fabulous Julie. It was all fabulous and a lot of food! Glad we shared!

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We ate outside, and there were tons of people walking by the whole time. Busy town!

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Julie and I found a Starbucks to blog from, too!

I’m off to find my hotel room and roomie and hopefully remedy my technical difficulties with some software. Not sure what’s wrong with it! πŸ™

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