Bailey’s Video Premiere

Happy Tuesday All!

So fun reading everyone’s comments yesterday. Glad to know I’m not the only one!




Breakfasts have been a little boring lately…lots of cage-free eggs and whole grain toast…but I really can’t help myself. It’s too easy, tasty, and healthful to quit! 😆

And don’t forget the coffee and OJ.


Bailey’s tuckered out today.


Must be the gray day and blah weather.


I re-heated last night’s casserole in the oven with some brown rice for lunch.


I also steamed up some veggies for extra veg-power.



Easy and yummy!


And now, for Bailey’s world premiere video…we have…

Corgi Tricks!

Our little guy is so smart! Bailey will do almost anything for these yummy treats!

Does your pet do tricks?

17 thoughts on “Bailey’s Video Premiere”

  1. Oh I love the dancing! 🙂 Gibson has not learned how to ‘sit up’ yet, but he can dance a little.. His best tricks are ‘roll-over’, ‘spin in a circle’ and ‘high-five’! 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh! He is beyond the cutest ever!!! How did you teach him those tricks? He is incredibly smart!! He’s so adorable and huggable!! What a smart & beautiful doggie!!

    I hope you post more of these. I love videos of dog tricks! 🙂

  3. Bailey is so smart! Our dog can give paw and sit and stay but he hasn’t gotten any of the other tricks yet. He’s still a puppy though so I figure he has some time.


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