Toasty Icebox

I wasn’t quite ready for Monday to be here, but I was looking forward to 2 things:

  • Starbucks Monday
  • Oatmeal



First up, I enjoyed some hot oats with rice milk, flaxseed meal, cacao nibs, sliced almonds, and Justin’s chocolate PB.

I really am enjoying how the Justin’s chocolate PB has a slightly savory-sweet thing going on with a nice salt flavor in the sweet PB.


Coffee #1 – Don Pablo


Coffee #2 = Starbucks Monday! Tall vanilla soy latte.


And I was kind of bad and got breakfast out…yes a second breakfast! I love these spinach feta wraps and I figured it would be a good buy since the lunch I packed was pretty light.


Mmm…toasty! Smells so yummy!


The best part – the crunchy end.

I’ll tell ya what wasn’t toasty today and that was my office, which must have had the thermostat set to “icebox.” I was so cold all day! Brrrrrrr!


Lunch #1 = spinach salad with green zebra tomatoes from our garden and organic bell pepper…plus sunflower seeds and balsamic vinaigrette.


Lunch #2 = white chocolate cherry PB / strawberry jam toasted sammie.


I got creative with our leftover rotisserie chicken from last night and made a healthified chicken divan dish.


The recipe wasn’t quite what I wanted, so I’ll have to try it out again before sharing. Sorry!


I served the chicken over brown rice (cooked in my mom’s old school rice cooker) with extra veggies – steamed organic cabbage and organic baby carrots.


The casserole had organic broccoli, but IMO you can’t really get enough veggies (not by normal standards at least).


I had a strange craving for some of hubby’s Lucky Charms so I had a bowl with milk. I haven’t had any in ages and had forgotten how sweet they were…phew! I wish I had some hearty whole grain flakes that were unsweetened so I could control my own sugar levels with some fresh honey. Mmm…


No Monday zumba tonight. 🙁 Very sad, but I’m still in a bit of a funk and wasn’t feeling up to it. I need to rest up so I can teach tomorrow!


The Chic Life – Seen on the Web

Look who’s been cooking some TCL recipes:

Lookin good guys!

Have you blogged about one of my recipes? Leave me a line to let me know – I’d love to check out your post! 🙂


MJ Flashback

Michael Jackson’s Earth Song came on in my car this morning when I was on my way to work. I hadn’t heard it since the 2010 Grammy’s and before that not for years. It used to be one of my favorite songs (I was a HUGE MJ fan as a kiddo) when I was growing up.

Here’s the 2010 Grammy version of Earth Song, which I think is a pretty neat rendition of the song with lots of talented singers. Such a good song, though. I love how Michael tried to use his fame to bring attention to important causes.


Does your SO or family keep something stocked in your house that you don’t really eat?

16 thoughts on “Toasty Icebox”

  1. Your dinner looks delicious!
    My family keeps ALOT of food stocked in our house that I don’t eat, so I keep my favourite foods separate from theirs so I can be sure they don’t gobble it all up! 😛 A kristy stash

    I love Michael Jackson! I cried my way through This is it and haven’t been able to watch it again – but it was SO incredible. I grew up with his music so i’ve always been a huge fan 🙂

  2. Haha, tonight it was more like what food I keep in the house that I wish I didn’t! You know that bag of Adora calcium disks…. well… let’s just say that tonight I ate about 20 days worth of calcium disks and the package is now gone 😉 Hopefully I can’t OD on calcium…. let’s pretend that I can’t.

    I try to keep my husband’s ‘junk food stash’ in a separate cabinet so that when I go looking for snack food, I look in MY cabinet and don’t even glance into his. It works pretty well!

  3. FYI — so easy to make your own homemade breakfast cereal (bran flakes and everything!) I have a recipe for them on my blog (with nutrition stats) if you’re interested 🙂

    What I did was create a homemade cereal buffet with a jar of homemade bran flakes, a jar of homemade granola, jars of dried fruits, jars of nuts, etc. Whenever I’m craving cereal, I can mix my own breakfast cereal combo.

  4. I always start off my Monday’s with oatmeal too. Just makes starting the week off right.

    Haha, so funny because I sometimes crave hubby’s sugary kid cereals too! I probably would never buy them for myself but I’m secretly glad that he likes them so that I can grab a bite whenever I have the urge!

  5. I’m obsessed with Lucky Charms. Three Sisters makes a natural kind that you can get at Whole Foods…it’s a little less sweet and doesn’t have as many chemicals, but it still has that kiddie taste 🙂 Hope you have a great day!!

  6. My husband loves to snack on peanuts in the shell – not me, they drive me crazy. I like the flavor but I hate the film that gets on your fingers when eating them. Luckily, he’s kind enough to shell some for me so I don’t have to experience that!

  7. That all looks really good!! And I had a huge hankering for Lucky Charms during my first trimester. I bought a box to have a bit as munchies while on vacation in June. It was enough to last me awhile.

  8. my husband loves mountain dew. actually, all his siblings (2 brothers + a sister) do too. they are not into healthy eating to say the least. i think it’s so gross, but actually loved it in jr high. yuck!! once in awhile i’ll try a sip of his and remember why i am not a fan. i’ll take my diet coke, please 🙂

  9. I had a starbucks Monday, too! Although, they messed up my order 🙁 I got it replaced this morning, thankfully 🙂

    LOVE all of your meals today!!! Especially all the nut butter variations 🙂

    That casserole looks so yummy!

    For me, hubby and daughter like having ice cream in the house. While I never deny myself treats when I reallly want them – it’s hard having it on hand 24/7 🙂

  10. I use to listen to that song all the time growing up too! When my iTunes would flip to that song in college I had to explain to my roommates what the intro was, haha – they just weren’t MJ fans. 😉

    I have never heard that version of Earth Song and that is seriously awesome!


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