Dog Bar Birthday Party







Bailey got up early to read the paper.


Moooooommmmm! Stop taking my picture!


Breakfast = egg scramble with spinach, soysage, whole grain toast with real butter.



I finally got to try that ED&BV lentil soup I made awhile back for lunch today. I drizzled it with EVOO and sprinkled fresh parsley from my herb garden on top.


And as if I didn’t have enough bread today, I had a piece of WW toast with Justin’s Chocolate PB and hemp seeds.


Pre-workout snack = Larabar.


By the time work was over, I felt like sleeping.

But I knew I’d feel revitalized and refreshed if I went to zumba, so I picked myself up, changed and got ready for class.


Zumba time!


Post zumba, I met up with Caitlin so we could celebrate our dogs’ birthdays!


We hit up the Noda dog bar.


And we came prepared with a doggie birthday cake (from Barbara’s Canine Catering).

Bailey knows what birthday cake means. Whenever we say “birthday cake” he perks up and licks his lips. 😆


The dog bar was kicking.


We got to hang out with Kate + Nate, but poor Gilbert was home sick.


And Kelly made it out, too, with her doggie Rascal!



Soon enough it was time to serve and share the birthday cake. The dogs went crazy for it!



Bailey was one happy pup.


This dog drooled ALL OVER my leg waiting for a piece of cake! Once we found his owner and got an ok to share, we gave him some.


Hubby and I ate at the dog bar, too.


We split pizza from Revolution Pizza. They deliver to the dog bar and I think you even get a dog bar discount! Very tasty stuff!


Happy Birthday Bailey and Maggie!!!!






After the dog bar, hubby and I took Bailey to explore a bit more of Noda.


And to get froyo. Nommmmmm!

We swung by local favorite Tasty Yo. I’ve been wanting to try this place for forever!


I got the plain tart with coconut, kiwi, strawberries and a yummy raspberry sauce.

Loved how creamy this stuff was! And they got some (or all?) of their fruit from the local farmer’s market! Love that!


Hubby and I found a nice bench in front of the fire station and near a live, outdoor concert to enjoy the froyo.


Then it was time to hit the road and head home.


Not before one last photo. Guess what I said to make him turn around and pose for the photo?

That’s right! I said “birthday cake”! 😆

Does your pet know any words? My previous dog, a German shepherd, knew a lot of words, including the word “cat”, which made him go crazy barking! Of course, he also knew the word “food”, which made him hover around you in hopes of getting some human food to eat!

37 thoughts on “Dog Bar Birthday Party”

  1. Happy Birthday, pups!
    I am bummed I couldn’t make it out with you guys, looks like you had tons of fun.
    Callie she knows “walk” “park” “dinner” “cat” “wanna go home” she is one smart pup. I love her.

  2. Hehe… My cat Mr. Sprout knows “yogurt”, “ice cream” and “milk”… he actually will come when I call his name… And when I get back from Zumba I say “wanna shower with momma?” cause he loves to hang out in the bathroom when I take my after workout showers… Crazy cat will come running up the stairs when I say that!

  3. I’m really glad I found your blog. I like how you live a balanced lifestyle that’s not too restrictive and crazy and is realistic. Also, I LOVE Zumba!!!

    My last dog knew the words “bacon” (his bacon treats), “shower” (he’d go run and hide), “who’s home?” and run to the door, “dinner” and run to his bowl, “go to sleep” and climb into his bed. He knew all this but he never learned how to sit or stay, good thing he was cute.

  4. I’ve been following your blog for a while, after discovering it through either Caitlin’s or Kath’s rave reviews of your Green Monster Muffins (haven’t yet tried them but will do soon!) 🙂 I really enjoy your posts- and, wow, you are in such great shape and look amazing (said in a totally non-creepy-stalky way!)! I’d never heard of Zumba before reading about it on your blog.
    Love the Doggie Bar! Happy Birthday Bailey! He’s such a clever pup; I loved the video you posted a while back of him doing tricks!
    My dogs know lots of words, it’s amazing what they pick up!

      • No, not yet, but I have discovered that there is actually an instructor in my area, so I will go and try it soon! It’s not in a nice studio though…more village hall type stuff. I don’t think it’s that big yet here in the UK, at least not where I live 🙂 Can’t wait to try it though-it looks so much fun!

  5. That bar is soo cool!! I wish there was something like that around here 🙂

    Gibson knows: Fetch, Treat, Wanna Eat?, Bunny, Kitty, Squirrel, and Walk 🙂

  6. So cute!!! I love dog friendly places like that. We did have one really friend dog restaurant with a huge outdoor patio but it recently closed =( When they brought your drinks they would also bring the dogs something in a cute water bowl – it was so sweet!

  7. Happy Birthday Bailey!!! My parrots know some words. THe male one says my name & my husband’s name, plus a whole bunch of other words and phrases. I sed to have a dog when I was little and he knew “bye-bye” meant we were going for a walk. I love animals!

  8. That’s like, my idea of a perfect night! Such fun. 🙂

    Our dogs know quite a few words, but the ones that get them the most are probably “ready” and “dinner”.

    Love your Bailey!!

  9. my cat doesn’t really know words. well, maybe she does, but she just ignores us. haha it’s funny, mostly, except when we have to physically get her off the counter or tables. oh pets…

    also, that dog bar is great! i’d love to go 🙂

  10. I would LOVE to have a doggie bar like that here 🙂 My dog Izzy knows plenty of words…outside, treat, sit, paw, and of course, peanut butter…she loves it as a special treat! Happy birthday to your pup.

  11. Looks like Bailey had a great birthday. My Corgi Ruffles, knows ALL kinds of words. We trained him when he was a puppy with all his toys so each one has a specific name and he knows them all. He also knows the word bath–which he hates. He can spell! LOL We tried to spell out the word food and eat because he gets all perky when you say those words and runs to his bag of food trying to get people’s attention. Then he caught on to the spelling so now we don’t even get to do that! LOL

    Dogs are too funny!

  12. A Dog Bar–What a fantastic idea! I have a German Shepherd and he is super smart, as the breed is. He understands English so well, my husband and I have to spell words sometimes, like walk, car, cheese, outside, ball. If only we could get him to speak it himself. :0)


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