Very Green Salad


I’m obsessed.

No, not with this delicious Don Pablo coffee….


…with those cursedly delicious Great Harvest cinnamon rolls. Gah!


My parents know this is nothing new.

Even as a child, I had a tendency to latch onto a food once in awhile and eat it till I was sick of it. I did that with macaroni and cheese and even raisins. Mac and cheese I still love but I must have eaten a whole heck of a lot of those raisins because I still dislike them. Ahh c’est la vie. Plus, it could be worse…I could be eaten processed “baked goods” out of a vending machine. Blech!

A cage-free fried egg helped keep me full till lunch. The only thing missing was the smoothie that I wasn’t quite hungry for until later in the day.


I got a package!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t my new zumba shoes (that hole is driving me crazy!), but it was pretty cool!


I got Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day and Operation Beautiful!

Can’t wait to dig into these.

I’d say the bread book would make for a great weekend project, but I’m going to be in Chicago! Woot woot!




Lunch was a chicken melt on Dakota with a very GREEN salad.

It looks like just lettuce, but there’s a lot of good stuff in there:

  • organic romaine leaves
  • organic green bell pepper
  • organic celery
  • green zebra tomatoes (from my Garden)
  • sunflower seeds
  • rosemary balsamic dressing


And later… since I’m not sick of it – some Annie’s instant mac and cheese.

Have you ever eaten something so much you made yourself sick of it? What was it?

19 thoughts on “Very Green Salad”

  1. When I was a teen, I nannied at the beach every summer and at least 3 nights a week (sometimes more) we had pizza. It took years before I could eat pizza again.


    Growing up, I spent my summers in Hawaii – my first year visiting was when I was 7… I had my first macadamia, and I can still see the kitchen counter in our house there… about 5 bottles all lined up…

    I ate myself SICK of them… and have not eaten one since.

    It’s the only thing I do not embrace about that side of my family, the Hawaiian side… I love the rest, but no macadamia ! 🙂

  3. When I was young I probably ate bananas every day…and then at some point I started to hate them. For all of my childhood, high school, and even college years I couldn’t stand eating raw banana.

    In college I would try to force myself to eat them once or twice a year but I still couldn’t like them.

    Finally, about two years ago I was doing the banana test again and I loved them!! I’m soooo glad I got over that dislike – I feel like i missed out on a lot over those years! haha

  4. I rarely get sick of anything… I could eat the same 3 meals every day for the rest of my life if it was something I LOVED! My husband does get sick of things though.. which keeps me on my toes as to what I can cook! lol

  5. I’m the exact same way. I get stuck on a food and want to eat it all the time until I’m sick of it. My current obsession is cereal. 🙂

  6. When I was in high school and university I did the eating something until you are sick of it and then not touching it for a long time thing. I ate bagel sandwiches every school day for a couple of months and then didn’t eat bagels again for a year, same with wraps and regular sandwiches. Now I don’t do that because the hubby can’t handle it.

    Artisan bread in Five Minutes a Day is great. I bought it last year and love making home made bread – especially since it’s really hard to find whole grain bread here in Japan. Enjoy!

  7. I wish we have some Great Harvest bread around my area. It looks so yummy.

    Last summer I ate tuna every day for lunch with my salad. It was easy and budget friendly. I got sick of it and didn’t touch it for awhile.

  8. i definitely get sick of things. mainly packed lunch food, like granola bars, sandwiches, pasta salad (or certain pasta salad toppings), etc. so i have to rotate things, otherwise i end up on campus for lunch unable to eat my packed lunch because i just. can’t. take. another. bite. it’s rough 🙂


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