Fresh Nassau Grouper

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IMG_4289 (640x427) With my newly relaxed neck, shoulders, and back, I had a peaceful walk over to the Radisson pool area to find hubby.

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We decided to hit up The Prop Club for a late and light lunch.

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At first, I didn’t really want to go here, because it was basically a loud sports bar…but after we got our food, I was glad to be there.

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Hubby and I shared a Nassau Grouper sandwich and (can you believe I found it here?) sweet potato fries!

We’ve decided that we’ve been ordering too-boring items for many of the meals so far this trip. So, we made a conscious effort to try to eat more seasonally and locally. Grouper is always in season and local here in the Bahamas, so it’s a good thing to order.

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The sandwich had a nice, big hunk of fresh grouper, lightly breaded and topped with a tropical slaw. It was a really tasty sandwich.

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The fries were, of course, delicious and had a really nice spicy seasoning on them.

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Did I mention we were feeling the effects of the sun from the previous day, so laying out was not on our itinerary for the day.

Instead, we enjoyed the scenery and walked around the different resorts and beach fronts.

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Here’s hubby trying to get a photo with both of us in it. lol

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So far we have:

  • Enjoyed the local beach scene
  • Hung out (briefly) by the pool
  • Got a relaxing spa treatment
  • Enjoyed the nighttime festivities
  • Explored the local resorts, beaches, and pools
  • Taken hundreds of photos
  • Paid a quick trip to the casino (too rich for our blood, but we did play a couple games)
  • Sampled several local restaurants

I think the only other major thing we’d like to do is a local activity (maybe kayaking or snorkeling) and we’ll have hit all the major travel to-dos we wanted to do.

What are your favorite things to do on a beach vacation?

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