It’s Always Sunny In…

It’s always sunny in…

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Ok, it’s not “always” sunny…they have their daily rainstorms, but it’s pretty darn sunny in Orlando, which is where I currently am. 😉

Rewind back to dinner last night…

We had a fabulous Italian dinner with lots of great eats and sweet sangria. Here are some photos from dinner:

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All the eats were simply amazing! We had mozzarella-filled risotto balls and a crostini plate featuring locally made ricotta, honey, and sundried tomatoes. My entree was a yummy mahi mahi with polenta, zucchini, and a tomato broth.

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Everything was so good, we split a dessert at the table – Biramisu – like tiramisu but with BEER – an organic porter from Orlando Brewing! It was very tasty!

And then we have breakfast – I just grabbed something quick:

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Water, instant oatmeal, a banana, and coffee.

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Plus a guest star from home – a Barney Butter packet*!

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Barney butter doesn’t actually taste very good with apple cinnamon oatmeal. But oats were still a welcome breakfast today.

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This Lighter Living bar made a great afternoon snack.

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Taking a quick break at the hotel before it’s back to business!

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