Pot Roast Experimenting

Happy Sunday friends!

I packed a whole lotta fun into this weekend.

In case you missed anything, here’s a list of links to recap:

And then we have today…


I’m loving the turquoise set up in our living room right now.


We had a faboo breakfast…err…brunch this morning.


More rye bagels, bacon, fried farmer market egg.


These bagels never get old. Good thing because we have like 20 more of them!


I prepped dinner – another kitchen experiment – Merlot-Braised Pot Roast.


This afternoon I had zumba followed by a choreo session with fellow instructors.

PS A girl in my class had a monitor on and she burned 862 calories! You go girl!


Post-workout, I hit up IKEA and got a cinnamon roll for a snack. I was reminded why I like to eat healthful snacks post workout. While this was quite tasty, it gave me a HUGE sugar rush that I think wouldn’t have happened if I’d had better post-workout fuel beforehand.


When I got home, hubby opened the door for me and I could smell the delicious smell of the pot roast wafting out the door. It smelled amazing!


The pot roast was so tender, I couldn’t even take it out of the slow cooker. It was just falling apart! Love that!


I served the pot roast with homemade red-skin mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli.


I want to tweak the recipe a bit more before posting, but I promise to share the vegan quinoa burgers and pumpkin hummus soon!

What’s your normal post-workout fuel?

20 thoughts on “Pot Roast Experimenting”

  1. I am loving that turquoise too! SO chic 😀
    And the bagel…ohhh that bagel looks so good! I just found a great bagel recipe but I am not letting myself try it yet because yesterday I baked a focaccia and ate just about the entire thing- almost 1,000 calories of it!

  2. Oh I definitely know the sugar rush you speak of- it leaves me feeling so uncomfortable and jittery! About the same as overdoing the caffeine (which I’ve been known to do). I usually stick to peanut butter or just have dinner/breakfast (depending what time of day it is) after I’m done with working out.

  3. Your rye bagels look so so good! I was at IKEA several weeks ago and would have bought a cinnamon roll, but the line was way too long after walking around. Kind of regret it now since I don’t know when I’ll be back and it looks so good.

    My normal post-workout fuel is definitely oatmeal with peanut butter, maybe some Kashi GO!LEAN Crunch if I have any lying around or some nuts. Oh yeah, and some milk! 🙂


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