Blue Mood Classics

I’m still in a bit of a funk from yesterday, but feeling much better, thanks to your encouraging words (thank you!), and…


Ok, so I’m obviously not a famous musician. I’ve never even uploaded a youtube response of myself singing a song. Heck, I haven’t ever really sung karaoke (you know, like when you actually try to sound good instead of just singing Dixie Chicks in a huge group). But…I love to sing. Whether I’m good at it or not, singing and music in general have been really great ways for me to feel out my thoughts and work my way through life.

I put on happy music when I’m happy and sad music when I’m sad. Singing helps me get into the song.

Yesterday, I belted out Lady Gaga’s Speechless in the privacy of my kitchen and it was such a great release. There’s something about letting yourself go and getting lost in a song. I find myself even doing this when I’m dancing in Zumba class, but in a different way.

One of my favorite artists to listen to when I’m sad/upset is Tori Amos. Have you heard of her? If not, you should know her. She’s amazing. Her songs are so unique and her lyrics are often so mysterious.

Here’s one of my favorite Tori Amos songs, “Silent All These Years”:

She’s so talented. I’d really like to see her in concert some time.

Other blue-mood classics:

  • Mad World – Michael Andrews & Gary Jules
  • Everybody Hurts – REM
  • Black – Pearl Jam
  • Immortal – Evanescence
  • One – U2
  • Cathedrals – Jump Little Children
  • Moonlight Sonata – Beethoven


Tonight, hubby and I broke into the Blackened Spice we brought home as a souvenir from the Bahamas.


I only today discovered the tiny heart on the bottom. So cute!


We added the spice to some shrimp, which hubby grilled. We’re hoping to get a few more grill sessions in before winter.

Anywho, we also had brown rice and steamed broccoli with a real butter drizzle.


You know what else is comforting? Baking projects.



Today I went for a little baking experiment. It’s pretty tasty, but I think I need to give it another go before releasing the recipe.


I love a good makeover. And The Chic Life blog got a makeover tonight. I’m still tweaking the new template, but it’s been a long time coming. I really liked my previous template – how it looked and how it was different. But, there were several things wrong with it that needed to be fixed. So, I thought, I have 2 options:

  • Spend many grueling hours fixing the errors with my old template myself
  • Buy a new template that has everything already working

I opted for the second option. What do you think? I tried to keep the look mostly the same, but it’s definitely a bit different. For one, the drop down links in the top actually work now! lol

Do you listen to music when you’re sad/down/blue/or otherwise upset? What artists/songs do you like?

28 thoughts on “Blue Mood Classics”

  1. I LOVE Tori Amos!!! Discovered her backing high school and she’s so good, emotional, interesting, love! Funny, I was going through my old CDs to see what needed to be added to iTunes and found like 7 or 8 of her CDs… It’s been a while but I can’t wait to break’em out again. And yes, let’s logo chat soon… I have an email started… XO

    New site looks great, I love simple sophistication and this feels like it. Easy to read, not cluttered, good stuff!

  2. hey, i think uve done an EXCELLENT job with the layout. its hard getting it settled in cuz theres always little tweaks like u said that need some working out, but it definitely looks amazing!

    yay for the canned pumpkin, i get so excited when i see the same products i use on blogs 😛
    i would love to find some of that blackened spice. i’ll look for it, and make sure to turn it over to make sure its got the heart shape on the bottom, just to know its the right one 😉


  3. Love the blog “Facelift.” It looks great!

    As for music, I used to have an entire “Sad Day” playlist on my computer! Aerosmith “Cryin” was always a favorite, and I love anything by Band of Horses (“The Funeral” is great for sad days). In high school I was obsessed with “L.A. Song” by Beth Hart (she sang it on an episode of “Beverly Hills 90210” hehe). I could go on and on. “Mad World” by Gary Jules is a good gloomy song, too.

  4. I use the Thesis theme which I have NEVER regretted. It’s super easy to change things up (and I do a lot of weekly tweaks).

    (It looks like maybe that’s the one you’re using, come to think of it!)

    I’ve also heard good things about Genesis, which is another premium WordPress theme.

    And Ryan Sullivan (@nomorebacon) is a master at design.

  5. Love the new look! I don’t know much about templates and whatnot, but this one has a great resolution. Looks nice and bright on my screen- so thanks!
    If I am really down, I definitely listen to sad music! One song from when I was waaaaay young was November Rain by Guns ‘n Roses (total LOL) but it is a great sad song!

  6. I am definitely a music lover. One of my favorite songs currently is Lead Me by Christian rock band Sanctus Real. When I was in high school one of my go to faves to belt out and sing with was Sarah Maglachlin (sp?). Her voice is amazing!

  7. The new template looks good!

    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you included Jump, Little Children on your list. They were one of my college faves and I saw them perform live so many times I can’t even count them! 🙂

  8. Ha! Jump Little Children…haven’t heard that name in a long time. I dated a guy who was in a band who opened for them a lot. My best friend worked with the lead singer’s (Jay) wife. They are all such nice guys! And I love love love their music. Cathedrals always surprises me.

  9. I’m a baker when I’m upset. If I’m baking something complicated in the kitchen when hubby comes home, he knows something is probably wrong.

    As for music, I’m a big fan of Lara Fabian when I’m feeling down.

  10. I love your list of songs. Especially mad world and silent all these years. I was actually just listening to mad world, check out the video if you haven’t..very neat. 90’s music was awesome and original.

  11. I totally LOVE your new blog! I don’t know why or how but it appears easier to read and navigate!

    I’m a music lover too and I can’t sing although my husband swears I can (I think he’s just trying to flatter, 😉 and I only sing out loud when no one is around because I’m embarrassed. Although I can’t sing, I do have an ear for tunes though. Love music!!!

  12. The blog looks great!
    One of my go-to blue mood songs is “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap. It makes me well up with tears yet feel better at the same time, it’s very bittersweet. Another good one is “You’ve Got Growing Up to Do” by Joshua Radin, that gets me working out my feelings immediately.
    And, this is really cheesy and I’m not sure why I’m sharing it in public on your blog right now, but “All the Right Moves” by One Republic gets me every time. Earlier this year I danced to this song as part of a wedding showcase at a fancy resort, and I got to model these gorgeous wedding gowns and and wore a beautiful masquerade mask (like the music video for the song). Thinking of that day makes me feel empowered, so listening to the song can lift me out of a funk as it recalls the glamour and fun times.
    Totally different topic – I love your stand mixer – I just put the same one (the Tiffany blue color) on my Amazon wish list for the upcoming Holiday season 🙂

  13. I’ve found that in a sad/gloomy mood I don’t go for the somber songs for the most part. If there is that element, it’s more so hard rock or industrial music. I’ll belt out something in the car at the top of my lungs when driving though. The people next to me think I’m crazy but it works. (Lounge Act by Nirvana always works & it’s a fav song of mine). Hands on the Bible by Local H was the last one I remember doing that with.

  14. Tori Amos is one of my favorites! Silent All These Years is so good. Some of my other favorites are Cornflake Girl, Taxi Ride, Your Cloud, and Sorta Fairytale.

  15. I love Tori Amos’ voice! Crucify is probably my fave song by her.

    I listen to Sarah Mclachlan and Fiona Apple when I’m feeling down and/or upset. It seems like sad music would make you feel worse but that’s definitely not the case!


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