Diana’s Very Pink Birthday Party


Though it was a couple weeks after my actual birthday, I celebrated last night with my second annual Very Pink Birthday Party (where I make all my friends wear pink…yes…even the boys).


Of course, I wore head to toe pink.

When I thought about how I wanted to celebrate my 30th birthday over the last couple years, I envisioned something over-the-top fancy, like a wedding reception. It’s funny that instead, I went uber-casual and decided to just have pizza and go out to a local bar for dancing. I think it ended up being more fun this way anyways!


We headed out to my favorite local pizza joint – Luisa’s Brick Oven Pizzeria.

I was fortunate to have lots of my food blog and zumba friends come out to celebrate. I only wish I got more photos of them!!

Here are some photos from dinner…

IMG_5831.jpg IMG_5833.jpg IMG_5835.jpg

Jeff, the owner with some of his delicious pizzas.

IMG_5836.jpg IMG_5839.jpg IMG_5838.jpg IMG_5843.jpg IMG_5848.jpg IMG_5852.jpg

Birthday cupcakes.

After dinner, it was time for dancing!! We went to Andrew Blairs, just down the road.

Photos from the dancing fun…

IMG_5857.jpg IMG_5880.jpg IMG_5895.jpg

A costume change later and my pink converse were out.

IMG_5882.jpg IMG_5902.jpg IMG_5873.jpg

We all had a BLAST! 🙂

Thank you so much to all my friends who celebrated with me in person and in spirit!!! Thank you for helping make my 30th birthday extra special! 🙂

Reader question: Do you have themed birthday parties? What kind?

32 thoughts on “Diana’s Very Pink Birthday Party”

  1. LOVE this idea! pink is my favorite color and i absolutely love cupcakes. your bday sounds like something i may have to copy someday soon lol. i’ve never had a themed party but i’ve had 2 surprise parties for my 18th and 21st which were so fun. casual dinners and drinks then dancing always makes for a good party!

    you look so pretty in all the pics too!!! that dress is gorgeous and fit for a beautiful birthday girl!

  2. My 30th birthday was 5 days after Sadie was born. Like you, I had visions of over-the-top parties, but since it was one day after coming home from the hospital, it was pretty darn casual! Love the pink Converse shoes! Very cute.

  3. I was pregnant on my 30th last year but this year hopefully I’ll be able to paint the town red or at least a town red….my girls are taking me away for the weekend (if Baby C cooperates and takes the bottle) so I’m pretty excited! Glad you had a good party!


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