Brunch at Zada Jane’s

Since hubby’s brother and his girlfriend were in town, we decided to hit up a local spot for brunch.


We decided on Zada Jane’s.


The weather was gorgeous!


Love the Plaza Midwood area of town – it’s so fun and artsy.

IMG_1632_edited.jpg IMG_1637_edited.jpg IMG_1649_edited.jpgIMG_1656_edited.jpg

Festive mugs!


Ted and Maia


Me and hubby.


I got the Booker T. Has with sweet potatoes, eggs, local Grateful Grower’s sausage, cheese (boy was there a lot of cheese!) and a TLC Biscuit. It was really good, but way too much food for me! I think I managed to down 1/3 of the plate and the whole biscuit.


We hit up Trader Joe’s on our way home to stock up on some pantry items.


And I ended up digging right into the edamame shortly later for a light snack!

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  1. I actually had family in town yesterday and we planned on breakfast at Zeda Jane’s! Sadly the wait was really long so we just had bagels at Nova’s and then we went to (surprise surprise) Trader Joe’s afterward!


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