Freezer Saves the Day

Thank goodness for a well-stocked freezer! It totally saved both my breakfast and lunch today!

Hubby and I were so indecisive about breakfast today. Do you ever get like that? At first I had no idea at all what to eat. Then, I decided I wanted to cook an egg and hashbrown dish topped with soy-sage and melty cheese. Then, I realized we only had potatoes and eggs – no soy-sage and no cheese. So that plan wasn’t going to work. I would like to try that soon, though.


I recently ordered a special secret ingredient from Amazon and have been wanting to bake with it for forever. I wanted to bake with it this morning, but I didn’t have time (duty calls!).


So, I did the next best thing to baking.


Re-baking frozen baked goods. I de-frosted some mini spelt pecan banana muffins and then baked them at 350 for 5 minutes. They tasted fresh-baked again! Yum!


This week has been crazy with work (leaving every other day around 7pm), so I haven’t stocked up on fresh ingredients. The kale in my garden totally saved me. When I haven’t been scrounging around in my freezer for veggies, I’ve managed to pluck a couple uber-fresh leaves of tasty kale just outside in my backyard. How cool is that!


I did another noodle stir fry (if you haven’t tried these yet, you simply must – they’re easy and can typically be made using pantry/freezer ingredients). I added udon noodles, tempeh, kale, edamame, onions and garlic.


The sauce contained: tamari, bragg’s, OJ, and brown rice vinegar.


Plus sesame seeds on top.




Nommy noms for real!

*Update* – I posted the recipe here (click). Check it out – it’s easy and delicious!


Hubby had one of those amazing rye bagels with his lunch and shared a tasty little bite. We just can’t get enough of these things.



After work today, I taught a fabulous Zumba class! My numbers have been dipping since I hit my all-time high a couple weeks ago, but I’m hopeful that when the time change happens and day light lasts longer, I’ll have more peeps.

My fave songs tonight were:

  • I’m On (my latest choreo)
  • Baila Pa Emociona (an old fave)
  • Secrets (my fabulous new cool down!)

Ooh and I have some news in the Zumba realm. I’m getting a new class!!!!! Yes, starting in March, I’ll be teaching 2 classes a week. Hazzah!


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Do you cook many meals using ingredients from just your pantry or freezer? What types of meals do you make?

10 thoughts on “Freezer Saves the Day”

  1. I’m trying to convince myself to go and buy some kale this weekend. I try to keep spinach in my refrigerator or freezer. Tonight I had spaghetti, and for an extra little health bonus, I added spinach to it. I couldn’t really taste it, but it added nutrients!

  2. Usually I crave oatmeal for breakfast, but there are those unusual days when I can be seen standing in front of the fridge for 30 minutes, and hoping that something delicious will magically appear 😉 I could’ve really used those muffins on a day like that.

  3. When we get overloaded with groceries, I try to stop buying and just use whatever we have. We’re getting to that point now because this week was so busy and I wasn’t able to cook much. It’s a good way to get through food without it going to waste!

  4. It took me long enough – but I finally starting making noodle stir-fry’s last week – they are totally easy, especially with pre-made teriyaki sauce! Congrats on your second class!

  5. I wish I was eating this for dinner! Also, I’m going to try my first Zumba class soon! I’ve done a tape at home before and loved it. Can’t wait to try it out in a class format!


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