Beer + Cupcake Bloggie Birthday

I had a very fun, and very special event to do Tuesday night.


This photo pretty much sums it up – beer…and cupcakes. A match made in heaven, my friends. 😉


Kristien organized a big blogger get-together at Kennedy’s to celebrate blogger birthdays for Caitlin, Michelle, and Lori.


We first headed upstairs for some eats and drinks.


I had the shepherd’s pie because the menu read “Guiness gravy”, and I thought that sounded pretty awesome. I got green beans for a side. I also selected an Olde Mecklenburg Brewery Copper for my drink of choice.


Jen was a doll and brought cupcakes from Cupcrazed for dessert! I had the vegan vanilla cupcake and it was wonderful.

After dinner we went downstairs to play trivia. I don’t know why I like playing trivia because I’m actually quite horrible at it. But, I generally find it to be a fun activity. I don’t know many answers, but every once in awhile my knowledge comes in handy. Like that time I played with co-workers and no one knew the answer to: “this person’s guest appearance on a children’s TV show was not aired because their outfit was deemed too racy.” DUH! Katy Perry! And who swept in and saved them? Moi. That’s right! Sure, I didn’t know any of the answers related to the sports questions…or history questions…or…ok most of the other questions. But, I had the answer when they needed it! 😉


Allison, me, and birthday girl Caitlin.


And me with the other two birthday girls – Michelle and Lori!

If you haven’t read Lori’s engagement story yet, check it out!

Reader question: Do you do trivia? Which category are you best and worst at?

18 thoughts on “Beer + Cupcake Bloggie Birthday”

  1. I’m absolutely HORRID at trivia games; they have a tendency to put me in a sour mood if I don’t have a few drinks in me first, and the right group of playful people! Thankfully, my hubby is wonderful with trivia, so if I’m on a team with him, I’m in for a game…. but only under that condition. 😉

    The cupcake looks divine! Has me hankering for one, and a cold beer too oddly. Looks like a great evening!

    • I hear ya! Sometimes I play on a team that is really well rounded where one person knows all the sports, one all the history, etc. I’m happy to answer any of the Katy Perry questions, then because they always get excited since they don’t know! lol

  2. Thanks again for being apart of the birthday celebrations 🙂 It was great to see you again and catch-up! Sorry we could not stay and play the trivia. We will have to do that another time 🙂


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