FABOlous Coffee Shop

I visited a FABOlous…I mean fabulous coffee shop on Saturday when I took a field trip away from the house to get some bloggie work done.


I’ve stopped by here one time before, but just to take a peek. On Saturday, I took my first true visit to local hidden gem – FABO Cafe.


FABO features locally roasted coffee and even beer and wine.


I love the open, airy feel inside the cafe. All around are beautiful hand made pieces of artwork – from paintings to furniture to jewelry.


But there are separated “rooms” that give you a good feeling of privacy.


Obligatory TCL lighting photo. You know I love a good light fixture. This was is so funky!


Besides local coffee, FABO Cafe also features local food products…


…and baked goodies. Yum!

Don’t mind if I do. 😉


I found a bright spot near the rear entrance with lots of natural light and a cozy couch to settle into.


I had lots of blog work to do, so I was glad I found a great sitting area.

IMG_9924.jpg IMG_9925.jpg

Random photos of the post – I wore my espadrilles for the first time this year! Yay for the return of warm weather!



I decided to try one of the cinnamon rolls. It was light and had just the right amount of frosting. Yum!


To drink, I had a vanilla latte. I really liked how the beans are locally roasted. Go local!

I loved my latte. I’m so glad to have good coffee in town.


Check out these fun mini bowls I found in the basket in front of me.

Diet, Whatever.” Amen! I’m so not a diet person. I’m a non-diet kind of gal. 😉


I ended up staying at FABO much longer than I anticipated, but I’m glad to say I managed to reply to all the blog comments I’ve been meaning to for the whole month of March! Woohoo! I think I have quite a few comments left from February to reply to, but to at least be caught up through March is a big win for me. I absolutely love reading all the comments you guys take the time to leave me, and I often have great responses thought out in my head. But sometimes, I’m reading the comment on my iPhone and it’s near impossible to reply via the phone. Sometimes I just procrastinate. Sometimes…who knows! All this to say, please continue leaving your kind, thoughtful, and wonderful comments, and even if I don’t reply right away, know that I read and appreciate each and every one.

And for my local friends, be sure to check out FABO Cafe some time soon. They have free wifi, great local arts & crafts (yes, they’re for sale), and awesome and local eats/drinks.


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19 thoughts on “FABOlous Coffee Shop”

  1. Have you let us know which April Fool’s choice was the true one?? I am waiting (impatiently) for an answer!! You piqued my curiosity 😀

  2. Oh my goodness… you’ve found my favorite blogging getaway! 😉

    Isn’t this place wonderful? I went there for the first time last month with the girls from Lululemon and I’ve gone back about a dozen times to blog and do some work. Also, I get the vanilla latte (soy, because I can’t do dairy.) and it’s seriously the BEST latte in Charlotte. I was so thrilled with it!

    Glad to see more people finding out about this place, it’s one of my favorites!! 🙂

  3. Vanilla latte is my go to coffee drink too! I still haven’t been to that place but want to go and bring Clyde, since they are dog friendly. Now I get why I got a whole bunch of comment replies from you the other day…lol!

  4. What an awesome cafe! I love the ambience through your pictures. 🙂

    I love coffee. My favorite is a Starbucks creation (Caramel Macchiato). Love.

  5. Those shoes are so cute! I wish we had a local shop around here. 🙂 I always get a mocha or white chocolate type lattes. I’ve never ventured out and got vanilla or any other flavor. Haha, I just always think chocolate when ordering. Maybe I’ll try something new next time I’m in a coffee shop.


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