Magic Fairy Dust

Happy weekend friends!

I have a lot of to-dos, but I’m working on decompressing and chillaxin as a priority.


I had a volunteer project to do Saturday morning, but work interfered. I don’t normally work on weekends, but I had a 30 minute task that turned into 3 hours. Doh!


Luckily, I was able to take care of my task from the comfort of my house…


…with a nice bowl of banana/rice milk oats.


I also stole some of hubby’s eggs and toast. hehe

Now, about that magic pixie dust…


Did you believe in magic when you were a kid? I know I did. I thought that real magic existed. That if I could just find the end of a rainbow, there really would be a big pot of gold there. That unicorns were real. So were fairies and other magical creatures.


When I traveled with my family, I loved finding unique things in tiny, oddball boutiques. You know the obscure place with the random things for sale like “love potions” and other exotic elixirs? My favorite finds were the good luck jewelry, talismans, and gems. I used to think those types of things actually worked.


As I grew up, I decided to let magic work like a placebo. It’s more fun to pretend, ya know?


Most recently, I purchased this tiny jar of fine-glitter. The product is used to add shimmer to your face make-up. You can brush it on your eyes, cheeks, and apparently your lips, too for a luxe look. I thought it would be a fabulous addition to my Project Get Glam makeup collection.

The product is called Sparklicity Pure by TARINA TARANTINO


But, I’m going to call it Magic Fairy Dust. A light dusting is said to bring you fun and fabulousness. 😉

Afterall, sometimes just believing something is magical is enough to make it so.

What magical things did you believe in when you were a kid?

13 thoughts on “Magic Fairy Dust”

  1. How neat! I love sparkly things! I used to believe in all things magic when I was younger too. Sometimes I wish for those innocent times again. Know what I mean?

  2. I think I was a weird child. I got it in my head somehow that if you mixed Coke into instant cheese grits it would turn your hair rainbow colors…true story. I thought it tasted terrible too, but I ate it because I wanted rainbow hair that badly. I have no idea where I picked that up.

  3. Fun! 🙂 I totally believed in the Easter Bunny. I grew up with an older brother and two cousins of similar age, and my Grandad would go all out for us at Easter. He’d get up in the middle of the night and tie chocolate eggs all over the big tree in the backyard – that had mysteriously “grown” there overnight. Then he’d hide eggs all over the property in four different colours and leave each of us a note from the bunny to tell us what our colour was. He even went up into the nearby hills a couple of days early and collected some rabbit droppings, ha, to scatter around, and made giant bunny paw prints around the property. It was awesome.

    • How awesome of your Grandad to do all that for you guys! My college roommate said her parents would put rocks in their house and tell them they were “Easter bunny droppings.” hehe

  4. From the time I was a toddler, one of my favorite snack foods was Hawkins Cheezies (it’s a Canadian thing…the best and I still love them!). Anyways, I’m not quite sure how it started (he probably did this trick once and I made him do it ever after) but my Dad and I had this little routine. Whenever I wanted some Cheezies, I would bring him a paper bag. I would say “Daddy, make Cheezie, make Cheezie!” and he would disappear and come back, blow up the paper bag, and then say “A la peanut butter sandwiches!” and pop the bag and a bag of Cheezies would fly out. I thought my Dad was so magical lol. I would also beg him to “Make Cheezie” whenever he came home from the grocery store with a paper bag. I know he had a little stash of Cheezies hidden just for me. I will never forget it:)


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