Original > Sequel

Happy weekend!


Bailey the corgi sends big puppy-hugs your way!


Friday was a soup and sandwich kind of day. I had chili (3 bean) from Earthfare…


…plus a grilled cheese. Muenster on Great Harvest Whole Grain Goodness.


Seedy, nutty, ooey, gooey. Yum!


Hubby was grill master Friday night.


We had grilled corn, grilled shrimp, and steamed broccoli.


I did a quick spice rub but totally wish I could have remembered I had fresh lemons in the fridge! They would have been awesome squeezed over the grilled shrimp!


Hubby and I had movie night and watched Little Fockers. It wasn’t nearly as funny as the first, but what movie ever beats the first of a series? The only one I can think of is Shrek. lol


I have a REALLY fun post lined up for tomorrow morning. Today has been a long, but awesome day. I took hundreds of photos of a fun outing and can’t wait to share more! Check back tomorrow for the dets!

Can you think of any movies series where the sequel was better than the original?

13 thoughts on “Original > Sequel”

  1. Aww Bailey is adorable! 🙂 Oh man that sammie looks ooey gooey, so delish. What a great bbq 😀 And sequels are never as good as the original 🙁 I think the only movie I enjoyed was Batman Returns which I liked better than Batman Begins

    • Oh yea…I think I liked Batman Returns better because it had Catwoman in it and Michelle Pfeiffer did such a fab job portraying the character!

  2. I doubt the Lord of the Rings films count because they shot them all together and were all one story anyway but I preferred the second to the first all the same. I liked the second Shrek much better too! I haven’t seen the third one because I’ve heard it’s so bad but I definitely want to see the most recent one.

    • I watched the 3rd Shrek…it definitely wasn’t as good as the first or second, but I was curious. Say…isn’t there a fourth one out?

  3. That grilled cheese looks super delicious. I have Little Fockers but haven’t seen it yet, but I agree with the whole original>sequel. I wish they were not making one for The Hangover, lol.

  4. I just LOVE grilled cheese sandwiches!! I don’t care what kind of cheese is in it or what kind of bread it’s on as long as it’s melty and gooey! I’ve never had one with Muenster, though. I’ll have to add that to my to-do list this week!


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