Indian Wedding – Night 2

I had two outfits to choose from for the second night of my friend’s spectacular Indian wedding – a purple dress and a black/turquoise “suit”. Though the skirt was a couple inches too long, I couldn’t resist wearing it. It was too pretty not to!

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I put on my tallest, silver wedges and hoped I wouldn’t totally bust it on the dance floor in front of everyone.


The reception was at a local country club.


After picking up your name card, you could check out the frames of the bride and groom – lots of childhood photos!


The reception area was stunning.


I loved the centerpieces.


And the bride and groom had a special table in the middle of two groups of tables.


Check out the wedding cake! Gorgey!


The reception started with cocktail hour by the pool with appetizers.


Hubby and I had a bite of each.


Hubby and me.


By the way – here’s the full ensemble. Can you tell what’s different between this photo and the first? In this one, I also have a bejeweled vest and sash.


The happy bride and groom entering the reception room.


And shortly later, several of the bride’s good friends did a fun dance!


The food was catered by local restaurant Saffron.


And it was gooood! I lurve Indian food! I even tried my very first goat! It was pretty good, but not as good as the Chicken Tikka and the paneer. Mmm!


First dance 🙂


Gulab Jamun (balls of dough, but not “dough balls“, in cinnamon syrup) and Chai tea.


And wedding cake – vanilla with mango cream on the inside and fondant frosting!


Of course much dancing ensued. Everyone was getting down and the DJ was doing a great job. I had no idea what type of music they would play since this was my first Indian wedding, but the DJ did a great mix of Indian and American songs. I actually really liked the Indian ones. They have some great beats!


Another congratulations to my friend Marium and of course to her new hubby, too! I wish them the best of luck in the future! 🙂


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Have you ever been to a wedding of another culture? What was the most unique and fascinating part?

10 thoughts on “Indian Wedding – Night 2”

  1. WOW so, so beautiful and unique! I have never personally been to a wedding of another culture but I would love to, I love seeing other’s traditions.
    Loving the food, indian is one of my absolute favorite cuisines!

  2. I have several Indian coworkers and have come to love Indian foods. Many of these look very familiar to me. The gulab jamun (my coworkers introduced them to us as “Indian Donuts”) are REALLY good. And of course, naan is one of my favorite foods now.


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