Due to overwhelming response that it stay here on The Chic Life, I’ve decided to incorporate fashion & shopping related posts on this blog instead of re-starting my old fashion blog Shopaholics Anonymous. Thank you to everyone for your feedback. I’m happy to keep fashion posts here on TCL. As several of you know (since you’ve been reading my posts here and on SA since I started SA way back in 2006), I was actually a fashion blogger before I was a food/lifestyle blogger. While I loved fashion blogging, I eventually found more of a connection with food and general life blogging. In recent months, however, I’ve really been missing fashion blogging. I was even reading through the archives of SA the other day, and I remembered how much fun I had with it. So, I hope to bring that same fun and enthusiasm for chic style here on TCL.

Now, I know some of you probably only read TCL for food related posts. I’ve updated my blog display so if you select a category (see drop down list on left sidebar), the related posts will display two full posts and then previews of six others (like how the homepage looks). So, you can select the category you’re most interested in seeing (and if you want, bookmark the category-level URL). I’m working on updating my categories, but basically, I’ll have some high level categories (Food Chic, Fashion Chic) and under each of those, I’ll have additional categories (Food Chic – Eats, Recipes, etc.; Fashion Chic – Outfit, Shopping, Beauty, etc.). You can choose to get everything by just visiting my blog as normal, or you can select a particular category for future visits.

On to the outfit!

I got really excited taking outfit photos again. It was sort of like riding a bike when you haven’t been on one in awhile. Strange and familiar all at the same time.

I was going out for brunch and a trip to the mall with a friend. Since both activities were pretty casual, I kept the outfit casual, too. We were actually supposed to get pedicures after brunch, so I opted for shorts. However, after discovering a small cut on my toe, we decided the pedicures could wait and we could go purse shopping instead. While I’m happy my love for fashion has come back, it has come with some baggage – my love of designer goods has returned, too. I went to the mall eyeing a Marc by Marc Jacobs cross body tote (already expensive!) and left infatuated with a quilted Chanel. Whoops.


Casual Brunch Ensemble:

  • Tank – The Limited
  • Floral top – Banana Republic
  • Shorts – J Crew
  • Necklace – Go Fish
  • Flip-Flops – Rainbows



I think this outfit is secretly saying I’m ready for fall. 😉

Reader question: What are your favorite fashion blogs? (or blogs that post fashion posts)