Brunch and Bag Shopping + Fashion Blog Question for You

Important question for you guys – remember to check the end of the post!


My friend Kayte and I made plans to hang out Sunday afternoon.


FIrst on the agenda – eats!


We hit up The Flying Biscuit. Luckily the wait wasn’t too long.


I decided to order something new-ish. I usually get the High Flyer, but I wasn’t feeling the oatmeal pancake. So, I got the Bacon and Eggs breakfast instead. I love the turkey bacon in the Southern Scramble, but turkey bacon by itself usually tastes weird to me solo. I think next time I’ll either get the chicken sausage or soysage.


After brunch, we went shopping! I’m in the market for cross body totes. I’d like one dressy one (for going out) and one casual one (for everyday as well as use on trips – needs to fit my DSLR, though!). We looked at a few gorgey bags in Nordstrom. I especially liked this Marc by Marc Jacobs.

We also swung by Neiman Marcus where I promptly fell in love with a Chanel quilted, patent leather wallet/cross-body purse. *le sigh* A girl can dream, right?


And to finish our fun afternoon – froyo!


Fashion Blogging

So some of you guys know that I used to run a fashion blog called Shopaholics Anonymous. I’ve really been missing fashion blogging (which I actually did before I even started The Chic Life), so I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to start doing fashion blog posts again. I’m thinking of either putting them here on TCL and making it easier for you guys to sort those in/out depending on if you’re interested. I’ve also considered just restarting Shopaholics Anonymous and picking up where I left off. Thoughts? Would you be interested in seeing fashion/shopping/outfit posts here on TCL or would you rather I link to an external blog?

30 thoughts on “Brunch and Bag Shopping + Fashion Blog Question for You”

  1. Do you ever read “Fashion Meets Food?” It’s a cute fun blog that mixes fashion and food. I say mix it into what you already do! It’s too hard to keep up with 2 blogs!!!

  2. you seem pretty busy as is..I would combine the two or just do a day devoted to chic fashion. I agree with liz, it can be hard keeping up with two blogs and going through the comment feed. Regardless, just do what what makes you happy. =))

  3. Hey Diana,
    I would love to see fashion post on this blog; as I have a limited internet connection, because I live in the mountains in Italy, it will be very hard for me to visit both blogs. 😀
    By the way, I love your blog and visit often.
    Cyrene, the Green 😀

  4. I really miss your outfit of the day posts! As long as you asked, I think it would be a great idea to have them incorporated here on this blog. This way all your readers will see them and it’s easier than going back and forth to two different sites. Just my opinion. But I’d love to see you start it up again.

  5. Put the fashion posts here! I sort of love them, and your outfit in this post is way cute! I’m also in search of a cross-body bag… ah, decisions, decisions.

  6. I’d love to see fashion blogging on TCL! Maybe you could do fashion posts on certain days of the week and then your normal posts on the other days? It would probably be easier for you too, so you won’t be managing two separate blogs.

      • Especially since there seem to be so many ways to customize one’s Zumbawear! I’m also trying, as one of the newly obsessed, to figure out how to pair tops/bottoms. Is the rule to always go baggy with at least one item (cargos & fitted tank, for example, or leggings and loose top), or can one do fitted top/leggings?

  7. I think it would be totally fun! no need for another blog. I like all my content in one location. Plus, it’s fun to read about all kinds of different topics – food doesn’t always have to be center stage (as much as I love it).

  8. I think you should keep it on The Chic Life (the blog name fits, too!) and maybe have it as a separate category (like the Fitnessista and PB Fingers). I love fashion advice and food, so why not put two and two together? 🙂

  9. I honestly don’t mind whichever you do because I would love seeing it on this blog and/or I would follow the other blog! However, I know some people get really frustrated when a blog doesn’t fit into exactly the cookie cutter shape they expect (which is total BS, all blogs are different) so maybe a second blog would be the best idea.


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