Outfit: Simply Working It

Hi, my name is Diana, and I work in corporate America. We like to stick to mostly neutrals, though I do like to add color now and again. For this particular outfit, I went neutral.

For this outfit, I knew I wanted to wear one of my favorite skirts – a tie-front Elie Tahari skirt I scored at a Neiman Marcus Last Call sale a couple years ago for less than $50. It’s my go-to and has enough personality that I need only add a basic top to call it a {work} outfit. I like to let the tie be the focal point, though the shirt does have some pattern on it and I added some bling on my wrist with a turquoise and gold bauble bracelet.


I was in the middle of taking a couple photos when…


…I got photo-bombed by Bailey!


He’s such a ham.




Hubby ended up playing frisbee with him for awhile – it’s one of his favorite forms of entertainment (both for Bailey…and hubby :lol:)



Skirt – Elie Tahari (scored on sale at Neiman Marcus)

Top – Ann Taylor Loft (purchased on sale)

Shoes – J Crew (heeey…also scored on sale)

Bracelet – local boutique


Random, but awesome – reader Alissa made my Individual Italian Spinach Parmesan Egg Bake (click for recipe) for her hubby for their anniversary this morning! Too cool! Glad you both liked it, Alissa! 🙂


Reader question: How formal is the dress code for your work environment? How do you push the envelope fashion-wise?

15 thoughts on “Outfit: Simply Working It”

    • If your skirt is khaki, then that’s a neutral in my book. So, you could wear other neutrals with it or use colorful tops! I would probably keep the top simple with pattern/texture/color and add pops of color with jewelry and/or shoes (and purse). 🙂

  1. At my office, a skirt or dress pants are a must, and sometimes I even have to wear a suit. However we do have casual Fridays and jeans are okay. I wear taller shoes than most and no one wears belts like I do. 🙂 That’s probably my biggest fashion contribution to my office.

      • My second favorite pair are my MadeWell’s bootcut, which is owned by J.Crew. They have a store in South Park now, but I originally bought mine in Boston. And my very favorite pair are my Citizen petite bootcut. Citizens are universally flattering IMO. I put off buying super nice jeans for a long time and I really love them.

        • Ahh I’ve wanted a pair of citizens for about the last 5 years now, but they’re just so expensive. Now that hubby has a new job, I’m able to actually buy clothes again, so I’m hoping to get some soon! 🙂 I have several pairs picked out online that I’ve been eying the last couple weeks…though I could only get 1 for now, which is better than none!

          I don’t think I’ve worn bootcut jeans to work before. I usually rock the trousers-jeans. 🙂

  2. My work dress code is very casual. VERY. But I am probably one of the most dressy people in my office. I’ve had coworkers ask me why I dressed up. I think there needs to be a standard of wanting to dress to impress at work especially when you are working with people and first impressions matter.
    I have to dress somewhat conservative given my job. But I like to wear dresses, I am probably the only person in the office that wears a dress…oh and heels. Higher the better

    I love your outfit!

    • “especially when you are working with people and first impressions matter” – love this line! Sometimes, I dress down since I don’t interface with clients, but they totally matter with co-workers around you, too!

  3. Cute outfit! I really love that skirt – and even better that you got it on sale! I’m always love my outfits just a little more when one piece is a really good score.

    My office is really casual. It’s SO nice to be able to wear jeans after coming from an office where jeans weren’t allowed starting this year. I feel like my wardrobe has suddenly doubled now that I can wear jeans again.

  4. Bailey is so cute! She reminds me so much of my puppy, Wrigley. Bailey and her look a lot alike. I have a couple of pics of her up on my new blog. I think Wrigley might be a runt though. She’s one of the smallest Corgi’s I’ve ever seen!


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