Real Food + Really Made-Up

I had a couple special treats lined up for the weekend:

  • A bangin’ birthday celebration (a couple weeks late because all the Saturdays were already taken with other events, but better late than never, right?)
  • A weekend visit from my college friends Beth and Bri (one from SC and one all the way from New Orleans!)


Beth and Bri first swung by my house Saturday morning. I made them oatmeal – a nice light meal before…


Beth is a Zumba instructor in SC and Bri is a Zumba regular back home. So, I figured it would be fun to take them to one of our Zumba classes. The instructor even let me lead two songs to show my friends my Zumba skillz. 😉 Beth and Bri were naturals in class even though they didn’t know our choreo and both said they had a blast.


After Zumba, we wanted something light and nourishing for lunch. Luna’s Living Kitchen was the perfect choice!


There were a lot of good options for lunch entrees, but I fondly remember the restaurant for their quinoa burgers and ended up ordering one of those.


We had a beautiful spread. Luna’s always has the most colorful and organic plate presentations.


Bri shared some cranberry walnut baguette.


Beth had the West Coast Wrap (fresh veggies and sprouts in a collard green wrap).


Bri had the Lunasanga (zucchini and cashew cream lasanga)


I had the Clinton Classic quinoa kamut veggie burger with a side salad with hemp dressing. Everything was so tasty and pleasant to eat. I really felt like I was giving my body some great food to replenish after a tough (oh the squats!) Zumba class.

Side note: Love quinoa burgers? It’s not a recreation of this recipe, but check out this yummy Southwest Quinoa Veggie Burger recipe I developed (click).


Happy eaters!


Shortly after lunch my friend Sarah picked us up for a quick trip to the mall. Sarah and I had makeovers booked with my favorite make-up artist, Scott. We had a night on the town planned for later, and since I’m a klutz with make-up, I generally seek professional help with special events. Enter Scott (or Scooter as I like to call him).


Sarah went for a natural fall look and Scooter did super-smoky eyes for me. My eyes have never been so dramatic, but they were perfect for that evening’s occasion.

With make-up out of the way, we just had to go home, get dressed, and then hit up the night scene for my birthday celebration night!

Reader question: Do you like getting make-overs at the mall? Why or why not?

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  1. I LOVE getting makeovers at the mall, but I try to avoid it because I usually end up buying all of the products!

    Luna’s is the best! I always feel so good after I eat there. The quinoa burger is definitely my favorite.


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