After our delicious artisan lunch in Flat Rock, we headed straight to Sky Top Orchard to go pick all the apples we could carry. Or…at least all the apples we could afford since we sort of forgot that not everywhere takes credit cards. Silly city folk!


With just under $20 in our pockets, we had to be selective but could actually afford quite a bit. Prices are pretty reasonable at Sky Top – $1 per pound of apples if you get under 15 pounds ($0.75/pound if you go over 15 pounds). The snacks were the most expensive things, but we definitely wanted to splurge on some of those!


2011 – Our first family trip to Sky Top! The last time I came to this orchard, it was with my immediate family (mom, dad, sister), and I think I was in middle school!


{The front of Sky Top’s main building}

Sky Top was pretty busy when we got there. There were families and tourists wandering around everywhere! Luckily, the place was pretty easy to navigate. They had one main building where you pretty much got everything – you could buy snacks, pick up baskets to take to the orchard, pay for your apples, or buy already picked apples.


{The back of Sky Top}

Things were pretty crowded behind Sky Top’s main building, mostly because people waited here for the hay rides, which looked to be quite popular.


After scouting out the place, we made a plan of action: get a sweet snack, go apple picking, pay, and get hot, fresh, apple cider doughnuts.


We got a caramel apple to split and took it outside to eat.

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While we were snacking, Bailey met another corgi…


…but that corgi didn’t seem too keen on Bailey. I love this photo, though, because it’s photo-evidence that Bailey is a lover, not a fighter. Look at that defensive move!


Next up, we found a basket…


…and headed out to the orchard.


Click here to watch my video about Sky Top Apple Orchard


Unfortunately, hubby and I learned that we could not throw apples at each other.


The weather was a little cool, but overall, it was gorgeous!






We tried walking through one of the closer rows of apples, but they were picked clean.


Hubby and I weren’t too worried since we knew they had so many pre-picked apples for sale. Picking our own would be more fun, but at least we knew we wouldn’t leave the orchard empty-handed.


We ended up following a trail of people heading down a steep hill.


And halfway down one row of apple trees, we hit jackpot. We found a tree with apples all over it! Hubby had to climb into the tree and toss the apples out to me, but after just a few short minutes, we enough apples to call it a day. Apple picking is pretty quick work if you find a good tree.



IMG_8731-1 edited.jpg

The basket was so large, it kind of made you want to fill the whole thing up. But, hubby and I were trying to be reasonable about how many apples we could actually eat.


Since we don’t have kids yet, we (ok…I) took photos of Bailey instead…


…A ridiculous amount of photos. I can only imagine what the other apple pickers thought. Hehe…oh well.


Back to the main building!


The check-out process is pretty simple at Sky Top. Get however many plastic bags you need…


…fill em up. Get in line to check out. Pay by the weight. Can you believe hubby and I picked 10 1/2 pounds of apples! It totally didn’t look like that many to us, but we didn’t care because we still had enough money to buy apple cider doughnuts!


We’d heard the wait for the doughnuts would be long and it was.


But, when in Rome…

We had driven all the way out to the orchard, so we figured we may as well wait for the doughnuts, regardless of how long we had to wait.


After 40 minutes in line, we had doughnuts!


They were piping hot and rolled in cinnamon sugar.


They were tender, cake-like doughnuts scented with apples. Just one wouldn’t do, so I had a second.


And one last Bailey photo where normal most people would have taken photos of their kids. 😆


Soon enough it was time to hit the road and head home. Farewell mountains! Till we meet again!

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