5 Easy Apple Recipes & Orchard Video & Exciting News

I should start with the exciting news first, right?

Well, I’ve had so much fun making the last couple of videos that I’ve decided to continue making them, hopefully expanding into areas outside of travel/events, like food/recipe and fashion/shopping. So, why is that exciting? Because I’m going to be featuring music by my talented friends in the videos! First up, I’m featuring a song that I love called “Chances Are” by Matt MacKelcan (click to check out more of his music), who’s based out of Charleston, SC. Here’s a video from our recent trip to go apple picking in Flat Rock, NC at Sky Top Orchard.

Hope you like the video! Thanks to Matt for letting me use his song!


As for those recipes…I realized after our trip to the apple orchard that other people may be looking for easy apple recipes so they’d know what to do with all their fresh-picked apples. I thought I’d pull together a little list of 5 I’ve enjoyed – some new, some old. All simple & tasty. Enjoy!


The links to these recipes are listed below…


Click here to view the recipe for Healthy Cinnamon Apple Muffins


Click here to view the recipe for Breakfast Apple Crisp (which can also be enjoyed as a light dessert)


Click here to view the quasi-recipe for Apple Pie Oats


Click here to view the recipe for Apples Foster


Click here to view the recipe for Apple Breakfast Cakes


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Happy apple season!

2 thoughts on “5 Easy Apple Recipes & Orchard Video & Exciting News”

  1. How nice to have all these yummy apple recipes in one place, especially for this ‘appley’ time of year! You are so creative with your healthy recipes, and sharing them with us makes it possible for us culinary noncreative folks to enjoy yummy healthy treats, too. What a wonderful gift the recipes are to us! Have you considered putting together a recipe book of your creations? Loved your video, and I’m so looking forward to your other ones! Your blog is becoming more and more ‘sophisticated.’ Impressive! :o))

    Hope you have a great weekend, one filled with fun and good food!

    • I would LOVE to do a cook book one day! I’m so flattered that you’d suggest that! Thanks so much for your very sweet comment!

      Hope you’re doing well!
      🙂 Diana


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