Purple Hair & Electric Knee

They say you shouldn’t get your hair cut immediately following a break up, but I wonder if the same can be said of a stressful situation (regardless of the cause).

short hair do.JPG

I knew things were getting pretty crazy (stress-wise) in my life, but when I started considering doing this (see spikey hair-ness above) to my hair, it was more obvious to me than ever that things were off-kilter. I should probably clarify that I do still think this hair cut is pretty bada$$, but I’m not sure it would work on me.

When I laughingly mentioned the idea of the short look to my hair stylist, Jason, (tell them I sent you for a first-timer discount!), he told me I needed a vacation…not a short hair cut.

I do need a vacation, and I’m actually planning one (yesssssss!). In the meantime, I did NOT cut my hair short.


Instead, I did this – a pretty dramatic trim (my hair had gotten so long – I think he took off at least 7-8 inches) and a fun (and more importantly temporary) addition of a purple streak of hair. A good look for the office? Not so much. Age-appropriate? Doubtful. Fun for Zumba class? You’re d*mn skippy. Better than a super-short hair cut that would take forever to grow out? You know it!

Anywho, all this rambling to say I’m hoping to return to regular blogging very soon. My crazy-busy work schedule is starting to let up a little. I haven’t been able to blog because the project I’ve been working on for the last three years went live two weekends ago, and I was inundated with work in the weeks approaching the go-ilve. And the weekend of go-live? I worked a regular work week up to go-live and then a little bit around 10pm on Friday, 9am/1pm/4pm/8:30pm on Saturday, and noon/4:30pm on Sunday. Phew! Things actually went pretty smoothly on my end, and I’m just helping wrap-up some post install items now. I’m almost down to 1 month left on this project, and then I go somewhere new. Where? Who knows. Time will tell.

In other news…

electric knee.JPG

I managed to (slightly) injure myself (again! grr). This time, I didn’t do anything stupid at least. I think my knee (body?) is succumbing to age, use from years of figure skating, and working out when I’m already tired…plus maybe some bad posture/alignment. Anywho, I’ve been seeing a sports doctor, who has been shooting me with electricity and laser beams. Ok, not really, but he’s been treating me and…

taped knee.JPG

…taping me up with Kineseo tape. Luckily, my injury wasn’t too bad, and I didn’t have to miss any Zumba classes! I got cleared to do low intensity Zumba sans squats, which was sort of a shame because I was just starting to actually enjoy doing squats in class. Weird, I know. Anywho, I’ve also been doing physical therapy and re-training my body to do squats and lunges properly. As a result, I’ve now become extra careful about doing squat and lunge-like moves in class, which is probably something I should have been doing anyways.

I do have some recipes queued up for you guys, and some new ideas for future recipes jotted down on random pieces of paper. Hopefully, I can bring some to life to share with you all soon.


Bailey says Hi!

Reader question: Have you ever done something dramatic to your hair? What did you do, and did you like it?

14 thoughts on “Purple Hair & Electric Knee”

  1. Nice to have you back! I’ve done many crazy things to my hair in my teen years, mostly changing colors, like going from blond to red to purple to black, then back to blond, which turned orange (!), then back to black again, which turned out green (!), etc. I enjoyed experimenting with my look, trying to find a color and style that worked best for me.
    A few years ago, I tried going blond again, but the color turned out ugly. After two days I couldn’t stand it anymore, and went back to dark brown.

  2. I love your haircut and the purple streak! I really hope you’re able to get some peace at work soon and get back to doing what you love. I’m always sad when life takes me away from cooking and blogging so I totally understand how you feel.

  3. Miss your posts and pictures! I hope work eases up – (I know that feeling!) and I’m GLAD you didn’t cut your beautiful hair short! I love the layers your stylist created on the bottom. I have long hair as well and I am always searching for pictures of long layered looks. I like yours a lot!

    Hang in there – as they say, better days are ahead!! xo

    Hi to Bailey!! :o)

  4. I love the purple! I would SO get that color if I had dark hair. I got burgundy highlights about a month ago and I love love love them. (I also got bangs but that’s not really very dramatic-sounding!)

  5. Hi! I found your website through a Google search on Zumba instructors. I just took the Zumba Basic 1 training a few weeks ago and am excited to start teaching:) Anyhoo…my hair was probably the length you just got it cut to and then…I chopped it all off. I was going through a stressful time and it was actually falling out. That was two years ago and it has since grown back but this time with no chemicals:) I just started a blog myself so I will definatly put you on my list of favs! Take care….

  6. I used to go from long to short all the time & hated it EVERY single time. I used to do bright colors in my hair as a teenager but not anymore, the bleach is terrible for my hair.

  7. I color my hair faithfully every 8 weeks – it ALWAYS is by mood platinum sure, light brown yeah, red why not? But the most extreme is when I went HOT pink… Currently it’s pretty light blonde with a little blue. Next is red (like crayon red) tips

  8. I’m forever doing ‘new’ things to my hair. Though strangely enough I’ve not tried coloring it. Currently sporting an afro and I gotta say I like it so much, it will be sticking around for a while. Hope your knee gets better soon. Can I get some details on this tape you are using? Crossfit is kicking me in the knee for sure. That and I’m getting old…. and I’ve gotten the lecture on my form repeatedly.

  9. I have long straight hair, and am feeling the urge for a chop of about 5 to 7 inches…..no coloring, because I know I won’t want to take the time or $ to maintain it. I hope your work-related stress eases soon!


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